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    zte blade, huawei y300 ,Moto G
  1. man i remember i did that some time ago with the moto g i did alot of research and this helped http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2317989
  2. very nice rom..gave my sister the y300 i had n since what she wants in a phone is the functionality.. i flashed this rom n not the kitkat ones which had so many bugs..never heard her complain about anything. N i was amazed with her battery stats what! yesterday she clocked 4days at 51%!!!?!!;! next tym al do a screenshot n post it :000
  3. Joeston fixed the led batt drain..can that be somehowly be transferred to this rom?
  4. am on build 4.4 since morning n no random reboots still smooth i think its better than the previous build n also good battery backup..
  5. plus the incall coming with black screen. No one has this figured out? its really messed up.
  6. no man this is a little extreeme cz am experiencing the same bug..everytime the phone rings the screen goes black until u press the power button to see who is calling..any known workaround to this ???
  7. what..this feels totally different the 4.0 build just amazes me in every possible way people it is the smoothest rom av tried hands down the ui is soo smooth every app launches like a milli second faster makes the y300 feel completely new..thanx chil for your amazing work :) :)
  8. any1 tried the 4.0 build? the other 1'ns were very smooth stable n fast but somewhatly mediocre battery life. everything is better than cm except the batt life
  9. lol this is kinda funny realised if u also say "okay table" in the home screen google search launches....boredom...
  10. i know ..it sucks but thats just the way it is or until some1 takes a look at it.
  11. yea issue occurs when ur data bundles are done and you have a 3g connection with data enabled. try setting it on 2g and the issue disappears.
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