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  1. Wellus

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    well 3 hours passed EDIT: ok it takes quite some time to find music and pictures, but now it's working(this bug i guess is because my card was formatted long time ago)
  2. Wellus

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    just installed this rom, works perfectly but i have a problem, neither music player nor gallery can't find anything on my device, but i can see music on my sd card, although i can launch songs from file manager...
  3. Wellus

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    well i just opened play store, search for app and when i found i just installed it and there was error about notification, well i want to completely replace it and with power toggles on gb in notification bar it's not working(well it works but in kinda strange way, you can try it yourself)
  4. Wellus

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    coming from ics to this nice rom, i am with unofficially unlocked bootloader, so will report after day if i have any 3G reboots. for now i can say that it's really fast o.O EDIT: ok there is somekind of strange error "package file was not signed correctly", how to solve this one? happens on 2 apps already on play store EDIT2: can i change notification bar? i want different toggles EDIT3: so for whole day(almost :D) phone is perfectly fine and fast, installed several apps, used internet, listened to music, made few calls and sent messages all day, didn't saw any 3G problems and as i stated before, my phone is with unofficially unlocked bootloader and baseband 2030
  5. can i restore sms from ics to gb via titanium backup? EDIT: no need, installed sms backup and restore from market
  6. i guess i'll do just that, i hope i won't get 3G reboots in case i want to go back to ics
  7. can I make GB look completely the same like ICS? for menu i know i can use holo launcher, but about other things like notification bar and such stuff
  8. so i should just install stock gb via cwm and i'll be back to old baseband? if i understood correctly then bootloader on old baseband is unlocked by default and bootloader 2030 is locked by default? btw whats the difference between those 2 basebands? totally forgot, after i change it i just used only ics and jb(although jb had those 3G reboots, because of unofficial unlocked bootloader) btw dalyer is it possible to change gb all settings menu and notification bar to ics one? i kinda like how they look and all those blue colors(or maybe superslim have them installed already?)
  9. hmm i've had 3G reboots only with jb and everythings fine with ics, don't really have time for official unlocking, i saw guide and it was quite long
  10. well at my country there is one company who is responsible for all warranty repairs(at least for my carrier) and they are kinda strict with all flashing stuff, although i did non warranty fixes there and they fixed previous phones perfectly dalyer, about superslim, as i know it is gingerbread, i saw somewhere that you should do something about downgrading, because some ppl had problems with going from ics/jb to gb, is it the same with superslim or i can just copy zip to phone and flash it ordinary way?
  11. constant music mostly and lifetime is varied between 4 days to week, everyday i write messages and listen to music, if phone survives 4 days then it's because of i am playing gameboy advanced games or any other emulator(for me android games kinda sucks, mostly) i guess i'll try superslim then
  12. hmm i see, well i am thinking only about GB or ICS, i don't really need those fancy customs, as long as i can listen to music and use browser at same time it is good enough, I have lightning rom now, which can survive whole week without charging, but it looks like i can't use browser and listen to music at same time and mostly awesome beats crashes a lot.
  13. so year ago i bought G300 and after half year i flashed my phone with custom rom, because in my country updates never come... at least for cheap phones. I was using few jb versions, mostly cm, later on switched to ics, so now i want to move on to slim ics, but there was a post about faulty memory, which causes devices to die. So yes i have that "xinyh" memory. If i change my rom will my phone die, or this dying is unpredictable? I still have my warranty, if it will fry up i hope they won't see that phone was flashed and rooted, then i guess i will have memory replaced. But still i don't really want it to die, because i won't have any phone anymore(have nokia 5800 but somethings wrong with it, if i put in sim it will randomly die and won't turn on for a few days).
  14. sad face :/ if my device will die then i am without phone at all, nor do i have money... i guess if this one will die, then i am going to ignore huawei... so device from Tele2 Lithuania bought year ago i was with stock, then switch over to some of dazzoz jb cm versions, switched over to lightning and now i want slim ics(i have some random nonsense thats why i need to switch and want to see how slim spins, i heard it's good one) memory: xinyh date: 08/2012 i hope that bad memory was just for specific month release

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