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  1. Just do what peetu20 said or; Just delete the line you added, save, reboot and ur done .... ^^ THIS Funny how even if you use an old sim (that does not connect to your mobile network), the phone works OK.
  2. Managed to unbrick again. thanks guys for the replys actually i found an old sim (must be 7 years old lol) and now on airplane mode works fine, with no need to edit and re-edit the build.prop file. BTW this is the tool i used to unbrick my blade: http://a5.sapo.pt/ go to the end of the page, and download the flasher+rom .zip, let the program update, and follow the steps... in the past none of the 5 un-brick (of the guide) metods worked for me, but this one is awesome Someone should add this flasher to the unbrick TUT Edit: Some pics of the zte flasher (its in portuguese but there are other langs to choose) :
  3. Cause this phone is now my backup one. My main phone is now an ZTE V970 (TMN Smart A18), so i will only use an SIM on Blade if my main is drain out of battery ... Just brick the Blade again, when flashing the new cwm recovery v from Konsta, something went whrong .......
  4. No apps instaled... Did an clean install then the gapps with no sim card (even on AeroPlane mode) the phone lagg like hell the only workaround is adding that line of text to the to the build.prop But then if i wana use an SIM card again, im forced to delete that line again... so i have to always add and delete the build.prop file, depending if im using an SIM or not... Thats the problem EDIT : My phone just brick ... lol damm Gona try to recover again bah
  5. xD lol But even on AeroPlane mode, if you DONT have an SIM card on the phone it with lag like hell !!! and the phone will start FC alot...
  6. OK feedback after using this rom all day.. SUPER fast, smooth, very cool UI :) I MAY rollback to Android 2xx because of this rom lol GPS working on my Ndrive v10 (ndrive v11 dont work , always FC idk...), needed about 6 m to lock on 5 sats, no FC til now. Too bad the rom is not 100% chinese free, but i can live with it xD Thanks for the rom, and the mods !!!
  7. CM 10 and 10.1 = KonstaT and Demon (continuation of KonstaT CM10 )Roms CM9 = Jventura CM7 = Jventura; t0mm1b ; SwedishSnow Roms
  8. edit: some pictures of both phones ...
  9. Same here, but i dont use the Blade's gps, so not an big proble for me maybe tweeking build.prop, or gps.conf ?
  10. testing this rom, in one of my Blades, i always LOVE MIUI. so far, looks smooth like butter xD Will give feedback later
  11. There are some confusion about this... First let me tell you, im the owner of an Sapo A5 and an Optimus San francisco... Sapo A5 as well as Optimus san francisco (both models that are sold here in Portugal, and i have both), they are both ZTE Blade Every software available (mrpigfish, blade checker, etc) says The Sapo A5 is ZTE blade, also the hardare is exactly the same (i also opened mines several times, so it's confirmed). As far as i know, zte libra IS zte blade, only difference (on Sapo A5/ Libra ) is the digitizer (not 100% compatible with blade) and the model stetics. in hardware they are 100% the same :) . Best regards ON-topic: Had to revert to an old rom, this one is laggy, even with OC and ram tweeks... alot of FC, the first FC (android process as stoped) was when selecting the phone language when you start the rom for the first time using now the "old" 11​.2.2013 build, no no lag in this one Thanks for the hard work konstat
  12. Like always, good job ! My sapo a5, was revived from brick today, after 2 months of being dead lol I just tryed an new un-brick metod and it worked, now, let me enjoy this beutifull rom, on my "new" Zte Blade xD

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