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  1. mattyduk

    Take the pain out of WinMo WiFi with WeFi

    has anybody tried the above fix ?
  2. mattyduk

    Take the pain out of WinMo WiFi with WeFi

    I took mine out of the Startup programs group on my Tytn. Seems to have done the job. I'll just leave it installed as I don't want to reflash my phone. Still got the issue where my phone now isn't automatically connecting to my home wifi, when i switch the wifi on at home :D oh well.
  3. mattyduk

    Take the pain out of WinMo WiFi with WeFi

    since I've installed this, my Tytn I doesn't remember it's wep/wpa keys, which means I have to type them in again. Even installed and registered Devicescape but that doesn't work either. Also at home , my phone would always connected me to my home network. Doesn't now, just gives me a list of available access points, then I have to type in the wep key again. This apps has ruined my wifi setup. Very disappointing, but that's what you get when you try a beta. I'll wait for the next WM6 reinstall before getting rid of this package :D
  4. Hi, we've got a HTC S710 phone. As soon as you slide the qwerty keyboard out, the phone goes dead (screen goes off, no keys react). Sliding the keyboard back doesn't help, and the only way to get the phone back on is to remove and replace the battery. I've tried a hard reset, but no change Anybody else had this issue ? cheers Mat
  5. Just got a text from Tmobile saying that the planned changes to web/walk (payg) aren't going ahead now on the 26th September, so can I still surf and not be charged over a £1 a day. Does anybody know what these changes were going to be ?
  6. Hi, I'm using a Tytn with WM6. I've got activesync set up to talk to our exchange server. This works fine over wifi/gprs, getting latest emails, contacts etc. However, when I connect via a USB cable to my work PC, it just says it's continually syncing, but doesn't actually sync. I've also noticed this on a Tytn II that arrived last week. The phone is definitely connected ok and the mymobile apps comes up fine, and I can explore the phone. The phone can also access the net via the USB cable. So are there any settings I should check as to why it can't sync via the USB cable ? Oh, just to add, eventually it comes up with a Support code : 85010016
  7. mattyduk

    I have a Tosh G900

    thanks for that. looks amazing - I think my Tytn's due for an accident some time :)
  8. mattyduk

    I have a Tosh G900

    So, when you are browsing the web via IE or Opera, it actually is at 800*480 ? not like the universal without se_vga ?
  9. mattyduk

    T-Mobile start Port Blocking on Web'n'Walk

    as long as they don't stop me using Newsbreak for RSS on Payg, I'll be fine.
  10. mattyduk

    Bluetooth headphones needed...

    I got my Motorola S9's yesterday. Easy to pair, but when using Mortplayer or WMP, listening to podcasts, I'm getting gaps during the tracks. Any suggestions ? Did anybody apply any patches or setting changes ? cheers mat
  11. mattyduk

    High capacity battery?

    I've just moved over from a vario to a vario II, and was surprised at how quickly my phone's battery was dropping over the weekend when in standby. I have now switched 3g off (which is ironic as that's the main reason I upgraded!!), and the battery life is massively improved. I even made a call yesterday and did some wi-fi newsbreak browsing and the battery life was still fine.
  12. mattyduk

    MP3s using bT Headset ?

    right, that works nicely, from a technology point of view. Sony's paired and listening to MP3s using mortplayer. However, rather foiled by my crap ear lobes. These are the type of cans which have loops to go over the ear, then a small wire running between each ear pad. However they just won't stay on and wobble alot when walking down the road, partly due to the weight of the sony's Any other options ? Basically I'll be walking into town each day listening to podcasts, so ideally I need to be able to either fold the phones up whilst in town or put them in my pocket. Any suggestions ? (apart from ear lobe plastic surgery !)
  13. mattyduk

    MP3s using bT Headset ?

    these ones , from Play. Hopefully they will do the job Sony DR-BT30Q Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
  14. mattyduk

    MP3s using bT Headset ?

    thanks for the quick reply. hopefully the headphones should be here tomorrow :rolleyes:
  15. Hi, just received a Tmobile Vario II via ebay. Can I listen to MP3s using a BT headset ? Are then any patches I need and if so does it work with Mortplayer or Windows Media player cheers Mat

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