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  1. GuineaPanda

    Linux on ViewSonic S10

    People! Please!
  2. GuineaPanda

    Linux on ViewSonic S10

    Dear friends! I have a huge Goal to run Debian Sid on my ViewSonic S10 tablet. I was analysing a lot of different stuff, I even found the way to put build by myself kernel to the tablet and run tab with it... But have a lot of problems with initrd and working keyboard (They just don't work). I really appraciate little help with this topics: - What should I do to make my tab running kernel build by my own - How can I make kernel start initrd (initramfs) - How can I make kernel to use usb keyboard that I plugin to doing something in initramfs? I was trying to run ubuntu kernel ( (from linux-kern.img) and initrd from there togather... It works great! BUT! I wanna do the same with ownbuild kernel to modify it a little and so on... When I was building kernel from Linux_4_Tegra - it working but stops in few seconds... saying that no init found... There works only one thing when I have compiled own init.c with "Hello world" and put it to the initrd... it is working... but when init is a Shell-Script it doesn't working on ownbuild kernel... Please suggest something, From what should I start? For building img I use "mkbootimg" For flashing my device I use "nvflash" steps that I do to flash: 1. I have a zImage 2. I build initrd with this: find . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip > ../base.cpio.gz 3. I build the image with this: mkbootimg --kernel zImage --ramdisk base.cpio.gz --base 0x13600000 --pagesize 4096 -o LinTry.img --cmdline "root=/dev/mmcblk3p1 init=/init rw [email protected] [email protected] vmalloc=192M video=tegrafb console=tty0,115200n8 usbcore.old_scheme_first=1 mtdparts=tegra_nand:[email protected](misc),[email protected](recovery),[email protected](boot),[email protected](system),[email protected](cache),[email protected](staging),[email protected](userdata)" 4. I flashing the device with: nvflash -w --bl bootloader.bin --download 7 ../../../Linux_for_Tegra/LinTry.img --go --wait P.S. bootloader.bin i get from ViewSonic recovery image (with bct file and so on...) People I really will be glad Any kind of help! I i'm trying to win this battle more than for a year! It makes me sad That I can't get to the stage of running system from sdcard...

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