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  1. sharkyo01

    need Gemini GD8 Pro GEMQ7851BK Firmware

    I need this too if anybody has downloaded it while back and got it on the hard drive some where please upload it!!!! EDIT:- I have just contacted Gemini directly to see if they can re upload it if it happens Ill put some links up for the firmware.
  2. Personally I would start your own new thread. Because we are going to need to ask some questions!
  3. sharkyo01

    forbidden 403 error

    I would download CCleaner run it. See if it works if not move to another browser to see what is the problem. Either the browser or router. http://download.piriform.com/ccsetup405.exe
  4. sharkyo01

    GPS not working

    Personally I would go out side and stand in your garden or community area for the 5 minutes or less it is going to take! Far better way of doing a fair test.
  5. Not from what I remember the problem is when you wipe the phone of it's imei you degraded with a zero for your imei it screws the install up. (Been here played with the problem a number of times on one of my dead G300) Do you have a copy of the imei what version of android did you do it on?
  6. sharkyo01

    MMS not working

    What network you on?
  7. sharkyo01

    MMS not working

    Download this app follow the instustion and your be sort in no time :) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tweakker&hl=en
  8. I can not see you losing your warranty because of the Chinese splash screen I can make some believable rubbish up for you :P Can you remember what rom / firmware you where on?
  9. Can people please pay attention to the fact this has been developed for the G300 not the Y300 or any other model of phone!
  10. sharkyo01

    Micro SD card

    Well class 6 and lower work the best in the G300 the 10 class sd cards are a little hit and miss...
  11. Did you zero your IMEI? This is because stock 952 is Huawei rom not a Vodafone rom with bloatware and initial setup for the vodafone rom.
  12. sharkyo01

    What ROM have I got?

    The build number should make no difference when it comes to unlocking! Also did you flash the phone your self?
  13. Follow the steps I outlined above in this thread and let me know how you get on...

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