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    [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    Decide to try this, yet again, on milestone, guess what ? a random reboot 5 minutes after a clean install. Goodbye PAC.
  2. It's always a good thing to do a full wipe before flashing a new rom, although, if you're already on SlimBean v6.x and want to update to v7, just clear cache and dalvik-cache. Do a Nandroid Backup ofc, this is the standard procedure. But i'll say it again, i really recommend a full wipe and a fresh install, but that's just my opinion
  3. people are always complaining about games, yet they have a g300. Buy yourself a dual/quad core with 1gb ram and play whatever you want. *sigh*
  4. crawlingcity

    [ROM][CM10] favaroooo R3 15/07/2013

    regarding cm10.1 -> battery was already fixed. at least on slimbean and kratos releases. speak with them for the sources , or use their kernel, with their permission.
  5. telonious, I just installed 6.8 last night, 6.9 today ! oh well, that's what it takes to have the newest thing on the block. Thanks !
  6. it was already answered -> go to the play store and install another launcher. I'm pretty sure you can define how many homescreens you want it in Nova, If you can't find the option, just go and install another one from the play store.
  7. that's why I asked telonius for a detailed changelog. It can be a trade off to have a great battery, i dunno.. just throwing ideas to the air
  8. Telonius any detailed changelog regarding the battery changes ? I'm kinda curious on how you fixed it
  9. why does everyone ask questions without even trying the rom ? make a backup, install it, use it. TEST IT YOURSELF. In xda I had a lot of noobs, but I never saw so many people asking questions without even trying the damn thing.
  10. Spot on. And made me rethink my comment , but my idea was there and it wasn't to bash on you or anything, was just a comparison between 6.0 and 6.5. Being a "retired" developer for the king, HD2, I can relate with telonius. If you have a bug, post it, if you have criticism, by all means, post it, in a positive way. Don't just hijack a thread saying "oh yeah stock+ thats the best rom ever!!1!". This is free, he takes his personal time working on this, apparently battery is way better now than it was 2 days ago, or in any other JB at the moment. Enjoy the rom, use it or not, but remember this is free, this is not a service, he owes us nothing. So my 2 cents are, thanks telonius for the hard work, keep it up
  11. nope. try a clean install, or just reinstall it. download it again, check the MD5 hash and wipe everything.
  12. Impressions from 6.5, a little bit more sluggish than 6.0, in my opinion, although Antutu reports 4200+. Battery is better, but I'm not seeing those 2% overnight, maybe I have something waking this up. Annoying bug from SlimRoms, everytime I text a big sms , it converts it to a MMS, even though I set it to convert it only after 100 segments. This doesn't happen in other roms, anyone has any idea how to bypass this annoying thing without using another app ?
  13. crawlingcity

    [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    "...and I have the bootloader unlocked by the official method" thats from my post, lol. so yes
  14. crawlingcity

    [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    i'll try R15, but R14 just gave me a random reboot. While doing ... NOTHING! just charging, and I have the bootloader unlocked by the official method If the reboots continue, i'm done with this. No offense , but it's just annoying
  15. 0 issues with signal, even inside buildings were other phones struggle to find signal

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