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  1. Can any one please suggest what more I can do to fix my Samsung S3 GT-I9300 , It stuck on logo screen, It can't go to recovery mode, I CAN GO to download mode, but odin always fail to install TWP or CWM. what other options I can try ?
  2. I have an Acer liquid A1 (S100). the sound only works when I plug the earphone. The headphone icon is always shown even when I unplug them, there is no sound when I play MP3 or receive a call unless I plug the earphone . Anyone faced the same problem and fixed it? please share. I think it's a hardware problem because , I tried factory reset, and reinstalled different roms, but still the same problem. I resold the earphone jack still same problem, the rear speakers aren't faulty, because when I receive a call and choose "speaker" i can hear well, however speakers doesn't work when i play mp3 or videos, and front speakers aren't working when i receive a call.
  3. Thanks, Hope you don't forget to include the camera fix in the next release ;)
  4. I'am using "TouchWiz-ROM v1.2" too, but it doesn't work for me, when I check USB tethering, it get unchecked automatically after 1 second.
  5. How to get USB tethering to work?? I have used different CM7.2 ROMs on my acer Liquid S100, but none of them seem to support USB tethering , please if any one knows how tell me how and what custom rom it works on ? Thanks !!!!
  6. USB tethering isn't working. can you please check???
  7. I just installed it, it is the same camera included in this rom with the same problem.
  8. Great, Thank you !!! but the camera app is not working properly , what you see is NOT what you get, is there any better camera app?
  9. Try reset the phone, if it didn't work try flashing a stock rom. or it may be there is a weak contact with the sim card and the slot, try insert a sim card and press on it with your finger, to make sure there is a good contact , then turn on your phone .
  10. Maybe it's locked to that sim card's operator. did you try a sim card from the same operator ? did you install any security application, like "prey" ?
  11. UP , Reminder, hope you still alive Mr Dario93 !! :D
  12. The Remix V is much faster, especially on boot !!
  13. Install or reinstall the drivers and download this TWRP version after you download and extract it click on "install_recovery" and follow the instruction.
  14. I think both should work , but I would use TWRP . here is the link of TWRP http://www.modaco.co...p/#entry2108338
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