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  1. Is your phone acer liquid mt cuz this works only on liquid a1/e
  2. Maybe when cyanogenmod release its kitkat
  3. I try it. The same thing the apps started to force close but i will do it again becase the first time i wiped the system by mistake
  4. Hello I recently had a problem with my phone I was playing with my phone then i locked and leaved there when i unlocked it the apps started going crazy and my phone goes to boot animation and then stucks I turned off the phone by removing the battery then turned back on the same thing happens So i fix permissions in recovery mod then turned back on.Still the phone does the same thing i tried factory reseting and then reflash the rom still the same.I flashed bin using acer liquid tool and now i am runing 2.2 but i really want to have back this rom because is awesome
  5. whis is the best rom bin for acer liquid a1
  6. who is the best bin for acer liquid a1
  7. In every rom I have tried even on official acer rom
  8. Acer liquid a1 turns off when the signal is low. I am using cm7.2 remix by master_T but this had happend to me even when i used others rom Does anyone has this problem??
  9. Is there anyway to change default alarm sound so i dont need to change every time i create new alarm
  10. I updated superuser and then i push it to system does this affect to gps wake clock because the battery drawing much is faster than before i update superuser
  11. the problem is I deleted the settings.db from a backup and restored after a factory reset thinking this will fix the problem and will keep my data
  12. Can you upload settings.db file
  13. Is there any way to get the settings.db from the rom http://www.mirrorcre...files/1RNYJIJI/
  14. Did you make a backup of settings.db or otherwise you need to factory reset this is what i am trying to prevent so i started a new topic if someone can upload settings.db
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