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  1. If you want gaming on your rom you should use gb and ics roms. If you go on jb you'll find more features, but less battery life and gaming performance. The best rom i ever used for playing games was CM9, and its battery life is good too!
  2. I'm very glad you made this ROM! I have been using your other rom, Electra, for a while. I liked it a lot, but even with the Battery Booster and other saving battery apps installed, the battery was draining too fast. I flashed Tesla this morning, it is very smooth and it has very cool options. No bugs so far. The only thing i have noticed is that Trebuchet lags when you switch between your homescreens. Anyway, it is a good rom. I hope you will get a new laptop soon for making updates for this rom! :D
  3. Isn't the v3 the latest version of Electra? Because i have the v3 but the update center tells me there is a newer update of this rom. But i can't find this update in the original post.Should I update to this version?
  4. About the force update that fails: As I have seen in other posts, it seems to be a problem with the IMEI. To install ANY update.app your imei must be 0. I found this topic useful: but i don't know if it works through fast-boot, but you may try it and see if there are any results. If it doesn't work you may try flashing other original updates from the Huawei site.
  5. what do you mean by white flash screen with chinese writing? could you post a pic?
  6. So...it's a problem with the internal partitions of the phone. That means that each of them (cache, data, system...) must be formatted, but you said CWM isn't formatting them. If you find a way to format them, it's very possible to work then. I don't know another method except CWM. You may try going to send it back to Vodafone, they may repair it or give you a replacement. But if you are going to do this, don't mention that you have rooted, installed CWM..etc... because it may cost you. But they may still find your CWM there. You just have to hope they don't find out. Good luck! :D
  7. Oh yeah, silly me :D You can't put it on the internal storage (as far as I know) Well, it seems that the SD Card can't be read or write (as you said). First, try entering CWM and mount SD Card and then try again the force update. If still no result, try with another SD Card or format this one with a PC or with another android phone (recommended) because PC has multiple options of formating and some may be not accepted by your girlfriend's G300. Then put the dload folder with the update file inside on the SD Card and try again. If this still doesn't work... well... i've never experienced something like this, so ideas from other Modaco users will be good. But first try what I said because this seems to be a SD Card problem, which can't be read or written.
  8. At first you don't have to format the SD Card, you have to format system. If you want to install a new recovery and CWM doesn't allow you, flash another one through fast-boot, like you have flashed CWM for the first time. To force update your phone you must make sure the dload folder is on the root of the SD. If this still doesn't give you any result, put the dload folder (with the update file inside) in your internal storage. It seems this worked for some.
  9. I've seen so many posts on this site about people who bricked their phones, so i decided to make a post about how to unbrick them. Before everything, make sure your phone is charged! I've found 3 situations: 1. Phone stuck at Huawei logo and CWM can be accesed: Enter CWM Wipe Data and Cache Go to mounts & storage -> format \system Go to advanced -> wipe dalvik cache Flash any custom rom you want, but pay attention to the baseband! 2. Phone stuck at Huawei logo and CWM is not accesible:Download the official ICS firmware from Huawei (b952): http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDcwMjk= Put the dload folder on your external SD Card and insert it into your phone While the phone is turned off, press the VolumeUp + VolumeDown buttons at the same time and then press the power button, holding the three at the same time A pink bar should show up and the update procces will start Give it time and when it's ready it should boot on ICS 3. Phone doesn't respond to anything [*]In this case, it might be a dead battery. Replace the battery with anotherone and see if the phone boots. If the phone still doesn't boot, it is a dead phone and you have to send it back to Huawei and ask for a replacement. Hope this helps the people having trouble with their G300. Have a good day! :D
  10. Something similar happend to me sometime ago. I flashed a new custom rom and then cliicked reboot, but the phone was frozen at the huawei logo. I was using the 2030 baseband. Then i downloaded the b952 official ICS from Huawei (international version) from the Huawei site and put the dload folder on my sd card, and tried force upgrade. The update process worked and my phone finally booted on b952! Then I rooted, installed CWM again and then flashed CM10 by Dazzozo. Since then I never had a problem with my phone! :D Hope this helps!
  11. Will this work on U8815 too, or only on U8818?
  12. Hi everyone i have just bought an G300, updated it to ICS b952. I want to install CM9 but i'm not sure which is the good one... I read Dazzozo's topic with the CM's and i saw that there is a R9 release, which is the latest. But on youtube, other sites and even some of my friends with a G300 installed the R5. I don't want to brick my phone so can someone tell me which is better to install (R9 or R5)? Thanks in advance. *sorry if my english is bad
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