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  1. bravia-engine-huawei-g300 is install?? resolution of video is 800x480??
  2. 1 flash rom , reboot and flash bat %
  3. in V2 , in push reboot recovery the windows write "Apagando" (in spanish) , please replaced for reboot in recovery.
  4. please min cpu clock 122 ,please add it.
  5. please in next build you can add kernel con swap funcion and add SD internal how emmc?? yoiyo Big work!!! please the link for v2.0 linker to v.15, please repair it
  6. please, include in menu reboot optional reboot in recovery.... ;)
  7. yoiyo

    MIUI 3.5.10 install problem

    reboot recovery and install
  8. thak´s of update, i´m downloadin it and flash it in next days ,...... ;)
  9. HwCamera.apk is working, but it´s a apk mod
  10. yo used SlimBean of 13/5/2013 , this is very good , add it to list??
  11. please, link for Miui camera???
  12. working ok there any overclocked kernel that can be installed in this ROM?? thank´s you

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