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  1. Yes, all language ​​supported by the CM7 is included on this Rom
  2. Try this step to resolve Playstore problem (I don't have this bug :wacko: ) 1. Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications 2. Go to "All" 3. Scroll down to "Google Play Store" and tap to select it. 4. Click on 'Force Close' 5. Click on 'Clear Data' This release hasn't Theme Chooser. But I'll upload a new version with this and integrate in System Settings. :D
  3. Changelog 01/10/2013 - Remove JBClock - Replace RootExplorer to MIFile explorer
  4. This is MIXED.Skate based on CM7 by C3CO and GingerPlay for Galaxy MINI DESCRIPTION BASE CM7.2 ==> http://www.modaco.com/topic/354463-romzte-skate-cyanogenmod-720-stable-android-237-311012/ PORT Gingerplay ==> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2450844 Smooth Launcher Smooth UI Settings ICS with modifications Device Info with Banner MIXED.SKATE SMS with bubble Contact ICS Walkaman player modified QuickPick Holo locker modified for MIXED.SKATE Replace keyboard to Hacker's keyboard ... AUDIO & OTHER Beats LIBS DSP manager modified to BEATS MANAGER Dolby Audio BRAVIA ENGINE 3 by ANDY PERFORMANCE Int2script+ Adrenaline Engine 4 init.d tweak build.prop tweak .... APPS Root Explorer MIFile Exlorer Superbackup SCREEN THANKS C3CO BlackLie brijeshep ImbaWind XDA ANDY DOWNLOAD https://mega.co.nz/#!KQACVazI!BtsAEncYxlOUHHcmHnkAC3-U5ClqSugt2sboqmDeRvE
  5. It s already tweaked with fly on mod. Other script cause conflict.
  6. I have modded this rom if someone like this Download link: Removed because ROM contains pirated software Changed: -Disable bootsound -Change the bootscreen to default CM7 -Adding Int2ext script -Adding Fly On Mod (Hard multitasking) Original thread can be found here http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2241934 -Include Gapps -Change the default launcher -Add test flashlight for Skate -Add Titanium backup -The default theme has been changed to Mokke_OS Screeshoot: Thanks for all contributor of this ROm
  7. Thx for sharing. My first opinion: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's very fast and smooth!!!!!!!!!!! Just disabling bootsound. I've combined it with PurePerformances™X_CM.1.4 and Int2script+ (very stable and fast). This is the Mod ==> http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2360985 GB gapps (2012/03/17) ==> http://www.4shared.c...237-signed.html
  8. MOKEE OS V2 WITH FLY ON MOD SCRIPT by RIVOMANANA.H3RY Hi, This is my first small contribution on ZTE Skate :huh:This is English Only but need help to add other language :huh: I've ported this Mokke V2 rom for Blade ==> http://www.modaco.co...-updated-to-v2/ Base: CM7 stable By C3CO (Big thanks to him) ==> http://www.modaco.co...oid-237-311012/ Moddified: Remove the default launcher and add 360 Launcher ==> https://play.google.....launcher&hl=fr Add Fly On Mod script (Feel The smoothness) ===> http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2241934 Add INT2ext script (Need Ext3 partition) Working: Both Bugs: If it exists, it is that of CM7 by C3CO Installation 1- Full wipe (data, cache, dalvik) 2- Format (System & sd-ext) <=== tobe sure 3-Install Rom 4-Rebot On first Boot Accept License agrement of 360 Launche and enjoy!!!! Doanload Link Mokee-V2-by-H3ry-rivomanana-CM7-Skate070820131600.zip (99.0 Mo) Thanks: C3CO ==> Base ROM Sheennick ==> Porting this from LG to Blade XDA All support for the first creation My screenshot with in original topic for Blade
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