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  1. Can anyone give me a comparison of speed between this rom and luca's carbon rom? I'm using Carbon right now and it's pretty cool, but i'll start using this if the speed is similar. Great work on this and also your carbon rom luca :)
  2. I changed the dpi to 217 which i think is the G510's default, and that made it look better. I used an app called pimp my rom, but i don't know if there's another way to do it.
  3. Just installed this, it's awesome. Thanks so much tillaz for making this rom!
  4. Tried Xposed, didn't work with transparency, but the custom colour did work.
  5. I want to get a case for the phone, but I'm not quite sure what to get. I've seen this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Emartbuy%C2%AE-Huawei-Ascend-Pattern-Cover/dp/B00D8GJ5HC/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1372444225&sr=8-6&keywords=huawei+ascend+g510 but it has no reviews yet, so i'm not sure whether to get it or not. Has anyone seen any good cases for the phone?
  6. Why don't you want to unlock the bootloader? I'm not sure if there's a recovery built into the phone, but I think unlocking your bootloader may be the only way to do it.
  7. What recovery are you using? If not TWRP, you should use it. http://www.modaco.com/topic/362074-recoveryall-official-twrp-2500-root-15042013/ Install it in fastboot while connected to your computer, and then reboot, it should work after that.
  8. Go into your build.prop and change ro.config.hw_battery_percent=false to ro.config.hw_battery_percent=true
  9. Thanks, but I've got it sorted now :) Also, for anyone else looking, that firmware is for the G510-0200, and will not work on G510-0100
  10. I thought i'd make a list of all of the build.prop changes you can do to make your G510 even better. build.prop list Enable Battery Percentage - ro.config.hw_battery_percent=true (change from false) Disable Huawei Unlock Screen/Default JB unlock - ro.config.hw_lockscreen=false (change from true) Other Enable 720p video mode (this seems to not work fully, as it gives low framerates, but try a few different camera apps) - download this and replace the one in system\etc\ with it. Please tell me if you know any more useful ones, i'll add them to the list.
  11. Tried this out, seemed very similar to the other cyanogen I was on, only difference was boot animation. My signal didn't seem to work, even after flashing the baseband which was a bit wierd. I think I just want to go back to stock though, so Phrank, can I ask you how you reverted to stock? Did you use a backup from TWRP?
  12. No (although that was probably very stupid of me), actually I was told that it wasn't possible to make a backup of stock, or is that incorrect?
  13. Ok, so I've tried out a number of ROMs so far, but none of them have been much better than stock, and I want to go back to stock until later on. The problem is I have absolutely no idea what to do, and I can't find a good guide on how to do it. I tried putting G510-0100-V100R001C02B170.zip into a folder called "dload" on my sd card, and then booting up the phone while pressing power + volume up + volume down, but it just gave me a pink screen and it didn't look like it was doing anything. At the moment I've got TouchMe v8 beta 0.1 installed, and Lewa Recovery. Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Just flashed Lewa, it's pretty good, has a lower RAM usage than stock, but some of the things are still in Spanish, and there's no NFC capability because I think the 0200 doesn't have NFC. I'm gonna try out Cyanogen now, to see if that's any better.
  15. Yeah, I'm currently using stock + nova and tweaking a few things in the build.prop to suit my liking, but I'm going to try and flash Lewa now. I'll tell you guys how that goes.
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