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  1. Use this kernel on CM10.1, looks pretty nice so far. But little question by side, is it possible to port it to CM11?
  2. Why? Basketbuild has nice dl-speed so there are no reason to reup or upload it to an other ;)
  3. For me camera works... But after test CM11 think to go back to CM10.1 because it feels slower and not so smooth.
  4. Update from S1 to S2... ;) Now smaller and faster as ever! Changelog and download are as always on first post!
  5. New download links are now in first post so updated as promissed ;)
  6. New Update are online, from R6.0 to S1 ;) Changelog and downloadlinks are in first post as usually. And if you want to support me, here you can do it with small donation. To all they had and wants donate a big big thank you :) All this money will spend into the new server, with them i want to made also future updates...
  7. Dont want to use gravitiybox or xposed or else. Would nice to know if there any option in the settings or maybe any build.prop entry...
  8. Do i have any option to disable the notification light?
  9. @H3ROS but you dind't add any tweaks in the build.prop right, its just stock with (now) right strings?
  10. Can anyone make an screenshot from notificationbar please? Would like to see how it looks, or does it look same as in AOSP (like CM10)?
  11. Okay thats good... Thank you for your answer :)
  12. Just to be sure, can i install this kernel also in Heros B200 Stock Rom?
  13. @fonz can you writte an tutorial how to repack an kernel for any CM version please? I think many people are intressted in it.
  14. Please do not ask question like this. The Developer need his time and he will update it soon as possible, remember also the developers has his own life! ;)
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