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  1. I think you should contact ZTE with the link wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/Moldova/Moldova_Instruction/201204/P020120401598037089469.zip and see what they could do or just simply search 'P020120401598037089469.zip'
  2. Unmesh, I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with you, I am merely stating facts. 1) By saying that the devs are not helping 'users' do you mean solely yourself and not others? They can't help every single person out there, it'd be simply impossible with a thread more than 100 posts etc. and if your one of them who dosen't get help then don't blame the devs. 2) You say 'the devs are not helping the users' or is it just you, since your the only one complaining. 3) You say devs are rude, when you can be pretty rude yourself...
  3. Really? Then I'll try it since I thought, the experimental was slower and it be better to try out a stable one but if its working fine it should be okay:)
  4. I don't know, I'm not forcing anyone to install anything its basically up to the users who want it? Its like saying why use Swedish Snow RSL7 when cm10.1 is better? Some people like Swedish Snow better than cm10.1 or just simply prefer, it or e.g Yurii98_mancity. If you don't like it then don't like it, simple as that. Plus I don't think CM10 and CM10.1 are 'supersmooth' I have tried the rom myself, and its only a bit laggy and its really good but not supermooth...
  5. Yeess I like it! Which one is more stable Cyanogenmod 10 or 10.1? Also what are vsync events and what they do? thanks
  6. I'm sorry but are you talking about a stock that isn't rooted? That cause a lot of probs..because you need a rooted phone to use Swedish Snow RSL7 after the update tpt installs and you need clockwork recovery to install a rom (and it dosent work without a rooted phone...
  7. Volume + menu doesnt only work on stock roms because it can work on custom roms. For e.g Swedish Snow RSL7 is based on a stock rom but either way its still a custom rom. It works because TPT update was included in it. Also because I did the tpt, update on KonstaT cm10.1 and menu +vol worked and it was neither actually based on the the cm10.1 since its unofficial and its a custom rom..
  8. Hey KonstaT, What do you think the best TPT for blade using JB is? since there's a variety with different system/data cahe etc partition info.
  9. Thanks, for the tip. No I wasn't using S2E or link2SD but I'll retry using the from again. What do you think the best TPT for blade using JB is? since there's a variety with different system/data cahe etc partition info.
  10. 2.xx? Could you be more specific 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 it could be any of these. I can't do anything about that since I have not made this from, it was released from ZTE so if you want report the bugs to them;)
  11. I don't think it possible since I even can't find an official from (froyo) for ZTE Blade but there is an official android 2.3 released -image.bin)
  12. you can activate developers setting by clicking about phone->( build number (click x7 times) it should say say you're now a developer.
  13. Have you tried up updating it to latest version (gmaps app) it may be a bug in the app itself that need fixing?
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