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  1. Guys calm down! If you are such a sick of this OS sell you freakin phone omg. Stop hatin AOSP cause developers from Google didnt excatly what you want! And also it is rude from you peterck to pushing developers to develop ROM! Haters seriously sell your phone and buy some WP or Apple sh*t..
  2. Oh thx. It was looking into sound settings only. I though that it would be in same place as in 10.1 :)
  3. Hey guys! Dazz I have one request please. Could you please add an option to sound settings which can turn of the volume warning? When I plug in my headphones and try to turn up the volume then warning about safety volume appear. I know there is option in CM 10.1 but i cant find it anywhere in 10.2.
  4. Dazz! I'm so grateful that you are continuing with your developing for G300 :) Only 2 things that bugs me on CM 10.1 was battery life and camera and you solve it in CM 10.2. Amazing work, this ROM keeps my phone alive for 3 days without any problems :) Taking pictures are also much faster than on 10.1. Are you using latest 913 nightly? I dont have this problem on 912.
  5. Hi Dazz it may be soon to answer my question but.. I have to ask if you going to continue your great job with developing on G300 with ROMs based on CM 10.2? I hope there would be no problems cause it is minor update but it would be great to have newest version of android on G300 :)
  6. I guess your problem is that AccuWeather app is on SD card. If you want to use widget of this app you should move it back to phone..
  7. Hi Dazzozo. At first i have to say great job! I've been using your roms CM10 or CM10.1 since i bought G300. But since last 3 nightlies (527) i have a problem with PowerAmp. It's working but when I try to change a song it will always minimalize. I think that nobody report that bug so I did ;) . Again great work you're the best! :)

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