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  1. Apolsoft SMS Transfer for Android Phone (Android v2.1-4.1) Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer for Mac is the only smart andriod SMS backup and managment software. It is an application designed for cellphones running android system. It allows you to transfer and backup your SMS messages between android phone and your Mac. I think all android users should own such a powerful android SMS backup manager, because it is a rare good software. Backup and save all your android phone SMS to Mac View and edit exported text message on Mac Restore SMS from Mac to android phone Desktop tool support:Mac OS X v10.4 - 10.7 Phone port support:Android 2.1/Android 2.2/Android 2.3.x/ android4.0/android/4.1 Transfer SMS into .db file and print it on Mac PC manage tool support txt,excel,csv export Support unlimited SMS backup&restore Export SMS to .db file on Mac Fast backup and restore speed Easy to us Buy here is the official version of the software: Free down: http://www.apolsoft.com/download.html More: http://www.apolsoft.com/sms-transfer-for-mac.html
  2. Since I bought "Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer" and use it, no matter how many text messages I have, It can provide me a fast speed for backup. More importantly, It has its own desktop management tools, the ability to import text messages to the desktop management tools to edit, delete, print and other operations, Many free software can not do it and the software is very easy to use. So, I am very optimistic about this software, I hope my review could bring some benefits for you. This is not what the ad! !
  3. Who bought "Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer" of this software? Can give me some advice? I want to be able to export my Android SMS database to my pc in a friendly txt, html or pdf format that is easy to read. I have the sms.db file ready to use, i just want to be able to easily convert it. What applications that are completely free can I use? I have over 10000 sms in this database. My phone Version is android 4.0.4. Thanks.
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