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  1. Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I am desperate to uninstall the All Backup app from my phone (stock+) Or at least switch it off. I keep waking up to find the schedule reminder has been on all night preventing the phone from sleeping and draining a full battery to nothing. Very annoying. If anyone can point me to some clear instructions for removing it I would be grateful.
  2. Thanks Cyda. So it's the Huawei "All Backup" app, which looks to have come bundled with stock+ (?? At least, I didn't install it individually so don't know how else it got there.) Is there a quick and easy way to uninstall or do I need a special app to do it? It's bugging the hell out of me!
  3. Weird problem this morning. Got up to find battery nearly depleted as my screen had been on all night displaying something like "You have not backed up your data for x. Back up now?" (Can't remember exact words). I have all back up and synch turned off in settings. Can I stop this from happening again? Why does this message disable sleep? Is it a bug?
  4. Try putting the "Better WiFi on/off" app on your phone. It has extended my battery life loads.
  5. In my experience, definitely. I've been running it for a few months now with no problems at all apart from the glitch mentioned above. Very fast, very stable. Great battery life. And I'm a not-particularly-techy girl, not sure if that has any relevance.
  6. I've just noticed that any contact widgets on my home screen(s) disappear after a reboot - does this happen to anyone else? Is there a solution?
  7. I You can download the beta version for free from the Swype website. That's what I'm running. I have only noticed one bug (swiping comma to spacebar was bringing up .com instead of comma space) and that seems to be ironed out now. I quite like that I'm testing a beta version and it is very stable. Love it. ETA but for the sake of 65p I would probably have gone with the official release - it wasn't available when I was looking.
  8. Hi all, First, apologies is this is way off topic - but, a, I don't know if the problem is specific to Stock+/G300 and, b, you guys seem to know everything about everything :) I want to get my hotmail.co.uk email account linked in to the standard Email app in ICS. But I can't get it to work (even though I successfully set it up on my Nexus 7). I have tried following various online web instructions but no go. Some sources suggest that there is an issue with setting up hotmail.co.uk (as opposed to hotmail.com) address. Any ideas? THank you.
  9. I really love Swype, I think it's fantastic. Very intuitive (for me) and smooth and fast. No lagging here (I'm running Stock+ custom ROM).
  10. Thanks, I've installed it and it's just the ticket. Reason is that I find it much more restful, in the evenings especially, to have a low light screen. Shining a light in my eyes in the evening can give me insomnia too. It's one of the things I missed the most about my crApple i-s***, that the screen went very dim. Eta, for maximising battery life too.
  11. Hellooo Stock+ is still working out great for me but I would like to be able to turn my screen brightness level down really really low. I currently have it on the lowest available setting. Is there an app or a hack or something that can enable me to turn it way down? Thanks
  12. I used saqkh on eBay to unlock my g300 about 2 weeks ago and thought it was a great service.
  13. I did it! Now running Stock+. Just wanted to say a big thanks to all you guys for helping me out and giving me the confidence to go for it. I'm really happy with the ROM, although can see how this (er) flashing business could get addictive ;)
  14. Thanks Cyda for the personal response. (Very envious of the Nexus 4....) Hmm, so being a completely newbie, I have attempted to re-flash but accidentally omitted the factory reset step. It appeared to do an 'update' instead, but it found plenty of stuff to do and No-frills CPU is now on my phone (and possibly a couple of other apps that were missing before? Not quite sure). Everything appears to be working fine. So I guess I'm OK to carry one without re-flashing the whole shebang? (Just want to say I think this community is awesome, especially the developers, thank you so much.)
  15. Hey. I installed Stock+ today - my first custom flash and no problems thanks to all the great support on this forum :) However -- I don't appear to have the NoFrills-CPU app that Cyda says comes with Stock+. Any ideas why this might be? Is the missing app the same as the No-frills CPU Control app by Sineo in the Play Store? In which case I can just install that, right? Thanks
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