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  1. MilfHunter

    [ROM] Meth.Droid for THL W1+

    I cant remember the thread but Im almost 100% sure it was on xda and was a port from the xperia z.
  2. MilfHunter

    [ROM] Meth.Droid for THL W1+

    New version uploaded!!!!
  3. MilfHunter

    [ROM] Meth.Droid for THL W1+

    New release uploading, sorry for the lack of updates, I bricked my phone a while ago trying to get jellybean working and that set me back a good while and the fact that I have exams coming up and have been having major trouble trying to theme the rom (coming in update) I may have to upload it in school as my internet is horribly slow.
  4. MilfHunter

    [ROM] Meth.Droid for THL W1+

    New release should be here by the weekend.
  5. MilfHunter

    How to root THL W8

    try this http://droidchina.com/forum/Thread-Auto-Root-MTK6589
  6. MilfHunter

    Please make a section for the THL W1+

    Use Sp flash tools to flash firmware, choose the scatter file from the downloaded folder.
  7. MilfHunter

    [ROM] Meth.Droid for THL W1+

    I dont think so sorry, I looked through the languages and its not there, unless the greek language uses symbols similar to russian or chinese it is not there. Tell me what you think of it.
  8. MilfHunter

    [ROM] Meth.Droid for THL W1+

    Anyone? lol, I will have a new update soon but considering the response I got it seems pointless to spend 3 hours uploading it for nothing.
  9. MilfHunter

    [ROM] Meth.Droid for THL W1+

    Meth.Droid #I am not responsible for anything that may or may not happen to your phone after flashing this rom# Introducing Meth.Droid for the THL W1+, Based on stock ICS rom Features Beats Audio Equalizer V6 Supercharger Removed all bloatware and China apps Rooted Improved picture and video quality Various build.prop and init.d tweaks, mainly performance tweaks. Many more, and more to come in future updates Installation Guide (Assuming your phone is rooted with a custom recovery [if not ask me and I will make a tutorial]) Boot phone into recovery (Volume up + Power key Use the volume keys to navigate and power to select Wipe data/Factory reset Install zip from sd card Select Meth.Droid""""" and when prompted hit yes Wait for rom to install Reboot Enjoy! Please make a IMEI Backup in Mtk Uncle Tools before you install the rom incase you mess up and have to reflash the stock firmware. If you are having a signiture error in clockworkmod turn off signiture verification. If you are updating the rom ​Reboot to recovery mode. Install the rom without wiping data (unless you want to) Reboot :D Thanks Thanks to zeppelinrox; http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=991276 Androguide.fr njava kevinchui828 for the Meta-Inf folder ;) Screenshots Download: http://d-h.st/BTC Build 1 http://d-h.st/9ef Build 2 Changelog 29-3-2013 [*]Removed China apps and bloatwa [*]Added various build.prop tweaks and init.d tweaks [*]Removed stock music player and replaced with Google Play Music [*]Added beats equalizer [*]Changed Boot animation [*]Improved camera quality and hopefully brightened flash? [*]Tried various methods of adding 1080p video (Camera should be capable of it, if anyone knows how tell me :D ) [*]Added V6 Supercharger [*]Hopefully improved battery life ​ 20-5-2013 [*]Deoxed rom [*]More build.prop and performance tweaks [*]Replaced stock youtube with OG Youtube (allows downloading and selection of streaming qualities) [*]It is now possible to record in ,mp4 format and aac audio codec with lgcamera, cinedroid etc (Before it would cause a soft reboot or just save as .3gp) [*]Increased maximum bitrates for audio and video recording [*]Fixed updater script so it doesn't factory reset when flashing the rom. [*]More that I have forgotten about [*]
  10. I have a root tutorial, a Clockwork Mod recovery tutorial and am currently making a custom rom for this phone. It would help me out greatly if there was a section on this and maybe we will see a JB rom for this. Anyway rom will be uploaded in the next few days.

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