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  1. I think I'll stick with this older MIUI 7 rom now everything is working 100%. Until apps stop working because they need higher than KitKat, for me it's the best choice currently. Actually MIUI has grown on me, quite like it. Is there a decent Xiaomi phone around the £100/€120 mark? I did read somewhere the bootloader is locked down on Xiaomi phones, so would be stuck with vendor rom. Thanks.
  2. @xeros2 Curious to know if the phone GPS (offline) works well with that ROM. I had to stay with older KitKat based ROMs, because whenever I went higher than KitKat the GPS wouldn't work well enough for satnav apps.
  3. @Jpower73 Hi, which ROM do you recommend for stable daily use? Lite, AICP Custom or Atomic? Thanks.
  4. Try clicking on the below menu option, maybe messenger just needs re-activating: Items from China/Asia used to be pretty good for avoiding tax attention (due to sheer volume of post I guess), but I recently got hit hard on a watch from Singapore. Thanks.
  5. @dalyer Hi, do you still have the spare F1 battery available? I tried to PM you, but it didn't work. My F1 battery is totally dead now, and the one from China I've ordered will probably take a month to arrive.
  6. @dalyer Yes, for some reason batteries don't seem to last long in my F1. I'm onto my third replacement battery - they all end up bloating and suddenly cutting the power. The current one is bulging quite a bit, putting pressure on the screen causing it to bend. Other smartphones don't seem to destroy batteries like this one does! Didn't know about that website, will take a look thanks. Do you know if they are clamping down on import tax on stuff coming in from China these days? I've been hit recently by stuff coming from the US :(
  7. Hi All, My Coolpad F1 is dying - can anyone recommend a good China phone around £100 to replace the 8277w?
  8. @Jpower73 Hi, do you still have the soundpatch for the Lineage OS rom. I'd like to try the rom, thanks.
  9. Just been reading comments about the Lineage 13 rom on the Greek forum - it seems there may be a few bugs that put me off using it as a daily use rom. (micro-sd card as internal storage, random restarts, calls drops, VPN problems, GPS etc) Edit, might give it a go. Do you still have the soundpatch you could upload? The link on the jpower73 no longer works: Thanks, KP.
  10. I'm currently on a MIUI rom based on Android 4.4.2 (I forget which one). Is the Lineage OS rom based on a newer version of Android, and is it stable enough to use as a main phone rom? Thanks, KP.
  11. https://www.krackattacks.com Unless you have your android updated, or wifi router updated, you are likely vulnerable. As my ISP won't update my router, and using a Coolpad rom that will never get patched, the only solution was to use a vpn to encrypt the internet connection between android phone and wifi router.
  12. Just been reading about the wifi hack KRACK. Says mostly Android 6, but other too. Are any ROMs patched for this yet?
  13. Think I may have resolved issue. Used app GPS Status & Toolbox, and did a reset and download of gps files. Maybe they got corrupt or something.
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