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  1. I'm not so much technician, but seems like flash memory turned into read-only mode. It happens when flash memory controller encounter too many errors while writing blocks (which is sign that flash memory die). I'm not sure that you can do anything with it on your own.
  2. I haven't noticed big difference in speed, but available memory increased about 25 MB. Thx rhen!
  3. If you have problems with opening http://getcm.thebronasium.com/?device=u8815 try to change your DNS server to (Google public DNS).
  4. Just install MXPlayer or DicePlayer - they have a lot of additional options compared to stock player and play almost everything.
  5. I got freezes and phone restart in RR3 on AtomicMod too. I think it's more app's fault than ROM's.
  6. Just flashed this ROM and got some "features": 1) Gallery crashes when trying to set wallpaper from launcher. Solved this by downloading last version of Gallery ICS and replacing Gallery2.apk right on phone (don't forget root and 644 rights). 2) Bar in up of screen with clock, battery and wifi status etc ("false" app - SystemUI.apk) - once it disappeared. Reboot helped, but i wondering - is there any solution for this? (Like auto restarting app when it closes) P.S. Stock contacts addon useless - apk's in addon and rom are the same. UPD: Some additional info about notification bar - it wasn't disappered, the clock and other info (blue) turned black/unseen, so it become unreadable, but drag down and all toggles were worked. 3) Experienced reboots while playing Contract Kill 2 and Real Racing 3. Then i set the maximum CPU clock to 600Mhz and tried again - this time games sometimes are simply exit without the whole system reboot. I'm going to try other ROM's, especially android 4.x based. 4) Today when ringer alarmed me of incoming call i pressed and hold vol- button, volume decreased, then vibro mode turned on, then android.phone app crashed. After this phone shows that there is no GSM signal. Anyway, ROM is pretty fast, but i suppose there will be no updates, what a pity.
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