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  1. Google has announced dat kitkat will be compatible with all low end smart phones with same specs as the liquid! So is there a chance for us to get a bite of the kitkat?
  2. @sanny plz do work on sensors n camera bro !! awsm ROM
  3. so far soooo good...hats off to devs :) hope camera will b fixed soon ..
  4. @master plz help me in USB tethering..kindly reply with step by step procedure plzszz:)
  5. @master_T sorry dude..I find u as very responsive for all my doubts!u r so friendly n helping! urs was the first custom rom that I flashed into my liquid! really sorry if am annoying :(
  6. thanku...any work on cm10 for our liquid?
  7. can yu plz fix the zoom in the camera..?
  8. plz add the link for qguest pack here
  9. automatic brightness doesn't work :(
  10. I need u to add something from cm9 like: the caller screen with Quick messages, data usage monitor for each app.
  11. flashed v4 with cwm..better than the best. but I dint lyk the stock camera and gallery so flashed jellybean by Qguest that came with v3b...everything fine but the zoom doesn't work in camera n camcorder...also the text font is very thin and light..plz fix.
  12. unable to turn on USB storage....!!!! rebooting takes longer!!! plzzz help!! :blush:
  13. afsar

    CM9 ROMs

    plz paste the download link here..... :D
  14. no more nexus boot animation after camera fix.... :( bak to old "android" boot animation :( plz fix!!
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