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  1. Ok, f3tus. When I go home, gonna try it. Thank you, guy.
  2. I also will try the greenify, I have the No-Frills but I use it to change the cpu clock instead of use the system. How could I use it to save battery life?
  3. Okay. I will install CM9 and try unchecking the boxes and take some screenshots before and after. Thank you by the attention :)
  4. The drain still. When I use CM9 I also use the Juice Defender and when the screen is off, data and wifi go down and the drain still. Also when I charge the battery and restart the phone, the battery porcentage icon down to 89%
  5. I already checked, every week I have to go back to GB because this problem. I installed Juice Defender, but it doesn't help. During nights with the GB the battery porcentage doesn't down, but on CM9 it down almost 8%
  6. Gellmar, does this mod also fix the high battery drain? With GB I can stay two days without charge, but on CM9 I can't even reach an entire day.

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