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  1. PS another interesting find. I can flash the chinese miui rom but not the international version of it. looks like if the phone is stuck to china
  2. hi to everybody. I am facing this strange problem. I have been using dazoozo kk rom and correct gapps with no problem, CMW is upated to the last version. then two weeks ago i decided to install a miui rom dl from xiaomi eu. as it was for 8818 i have modiifed it as suggestet by dakok and installed with its dedicated gapps after a clean installation and everything was running perfect. this saturday the weekly update of the rom was available so i made a replica of the procedure done before but when i flashed it i got an error and could not do it. after this i was stuck as i could not flash the previous version of this rom as well as the cm rom. i have tried everything including reflashing the original ics rom, re root and re-unblock the boothloader reinstall the cmw but i am stuck in this situation : if i use an ics rom no problem but if i try to flash a jb or kk rom i get an error and cannot flash. Any suggestion? PS when i check on setting on the phone in ics my phone it says that my telephone company is unicorn and my coiuntry is china even if the phone is using an italian company and google recognises that i am in italy
  3. Hi to everybody. I am looking for the less expensive 7inch phablet with 4g capability . Suggestions ? Thx
  4. i totally agree with you, I hope that Google will support it in the future. But I am afraid that Nexus is the ony way....
  5. It is on the paper that Lenovo have bought Motorola Mobility Division. One of the main reason for me to buy the MotoG was the direct Google support. In my opinion this phone was the Nexus entry level . If not why buy a phone with locked battery and no external storage ? Furthermore disclosure of financial data revealed that the Motorola takeover from BigG had been failure (bought at 12 sold at 3) this meaning that MotoG and MotoX have been a fiasco
  6. Thx for the answer but i am still lost. I have rooted created a recovery and a back up copy of the rom but i cannot find the web page of the manufacturer or not knowing how to write the chinese name on google find alternative rom. Help from anybody is greatly appreciated
  7. p.s i have discovered that the manufacturer is moztek but the model is still in Chinese. any suggestion for rooting cmv and roms ? thx
  8. http://www.antelife.com/pad-phone-mtk6589-quad-core-mobile-phone-android-4-2-7-inch-2g-4g-1280-x-800-dual-camera-black.html hi to everybody i have bought this phone but i cannot find who is the manufacturer as in mobileuncle tools the brand and the name are written in chinese . Any help ? thx in advance
  9. @rhen one noob question. do i have to reflash gapps every time a flash a new nightly ? thx
  10. My awful experience with focalprice Hi there. I would like to report my totally negative experience with them. On October 18 i order a zte .The next day i send an email to the customer service asking if it was possible to change my order for a bigger screen phone of course paying for the difference. So having received a positive answer i start this conversation always with the same gay lasting several days in which i propose them almost all the 6 inch phone they have on display and receiving always the sorry not available now answer. It was suggested to wait for a week for refilling the stock which i agreed upon but even after that week there was still not a single phone available. At this point the same guy proposed me to close the deal and issue a refund, a proposal that i found very sensible and respective for the customer. while i was waiting for my refund on paypal i suddenly receive an email (november 7) from a totally different guy who said i could forget my refund and that the phone was already being shipped on October 27 i.e. while i was discussing the matter with the other guy. I THINK THIS IS UNCCEPTABLE. It is clearly stated that you can modify/cancel the order if not shipped yet aand when i sent my first email it was long before it was shipped. so basically they give a s... on customer willing. Further the phone arrived already used (chinese sms stored, box seals open) and without eu plug
  11. some posts ago there was a question on the quality of focalprice. I am experiencing a tough transaction with them but as it is still in progress i am holding back my verdict . As soon as it ends i would like to share it with you all
  12. also sorted the problem with terminal emulator ( thanks to the guide of george109)
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