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  1. I'm using a SIM free non rooted UK stock 4.3 device bought from phones4u. Charger is a standard mains usb charger, 1.5 A.
  2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2545553
  3. I had mine for about 20 days. That was the first time. I charged my phone afterwards and so far it's ok. But this was reported frequently on another forum.
  4. There have been frequent reports of an issue with the battery of Moto G. The charge seems to drop suddenly and the phone shuts down immediately. This happens regardless of the amount of charge the battery has. It happened to me yesterday when it dropped from 60% to 0% and the the phone switched off. Have any of you witnessed this? Any ideas please share. Thanks
  5. Are you removing this Rom just due to keyboard issue? Before you do this get some keyboard apk, put it on you sd card and install it manually. If you have a computer of course :rolleyes:
  6. Can anybody please confirm whether viber works on this Rom? :rolleyes:
  7. Slim bean, it's the best for me. The only drawbacks I could mention are this unlock lag and the notorious camera green bug which is present in most CM ROMS. Otherwise it's flawless.
  8. Those who have got the Samsung chip, please report if it happens that your phone dies! :ph34r:
  9. You, in no way, can be blamed Daz. You are doing a marvellous job, that consumes time and effort, and all for free. It's us that accepted the risk. We choose to try experimental things and we knew the risk is there. We can't blame anybody for what we risked. All you deserve is a big thank you. Cheer up my friend. :rolleyes:
  10. Good for you. Good for us. Great news Kyan. Congratulations mate. If I was given the chance to ask I would definitely ask for a ROM based on slim bean. However, I am sure your new releases would be fantastic as ever.
  11. I should say thank you developer for this nice ROM. It is been my ROM for more than two months and is flawlessly smooth. Every thing is working fine and the features are just more than expected from our G300. I am sticking to this ROM unless a major bonus is achieved somewhere else. So thank you very much again. :) :) :)
  12. VERY nice work, but unfortunately data does not work for me )-: , Is there any way to correct this please?
  13. It's sad to see good people being defeated by careless ones. Just imagine that every one like you Ross is upset by the few non thankful persons around here and leaving! Is that a good situation. If I were you I would just ignore those silly immature comments and continue what I am doing. I won't agree with you you just leave. I think that way you just did what these paranoid people want. Good luck any way:rolleyes:
  14. Hi Ross and thanks for the great ROM. I have an issue which happened a couple of times.. Whenever I flash anything using CWM the storage reverts to internal and looses connection with the external SD. Any idea please.. thanks.
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