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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/y0yivto35kabync/Lg_E400_KitkatMe.zip

  3. if your planning to return into stockrom,,this is the easiest way..download LG-PC-Suite-5.exe install it...in the lower portion their is update link..click it..but before that..turn on your phone then connect.thats it.
  4. Liner repair kg dugang nga dutay black only.

  5. must better....so keep it up.i know that should help you.
  6. i tried this to my lg e400..running 4.2 custom rom but sadly didint work.
  7. i dont have the links for that,but you can look it in google..try to search all of it.thats really work.
  8. if your planing to unbrick your lg?this will help you.download advancefix.setup.exe install it so that you can install b2cappsetup.exe. easily.dont forget to install lg e400 usb mobile driver.then attach in emergency mode.you must typ your serial number,imei,model.goodluck
  9. if your planning to unbrick your lg?this is really work...download advancefix.setup.exe install it so that you can install b2cappsetup.exe easily.you must type your serial number,imei,model.lastly dont forget to install lg e400 usb mobile driver.goodluck download all this ...advancefix.setup.exe/b2cappsetup.exe/mobile driver
  10. VOTE..EDGAR ''TOTO'' MONGE FOR KAGAWAD brgy 14 dawis san sebastian bacolod city...

  11. i found it in xda forum which arm7 devices can boot ubuntu.so i use complete linux installer app in google play..downloaded small image,vnc viewer and terminal app.then i installed allso universal init d support app,,i updated the super su then using bussybox v1.21.1.im using 4.2.2 rom optimus nexus me.then i followed the tutorial from xda, i boot it successfully.but i dont know whats the used of this.luck of allmost function of android phone but its nice.......sorry for delayed reply because i dont have internet at home..thanks....
  12. i tried it many times,v10b has succesfully boot my lg e400.if it doesnt work for you,google it there are many ways of ubricking guide for lg e400,.goodluck
  13. i tried installing ubuntu for lg e400 but i cannt boot in ubuntu.does anyone boot succesfully here?
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