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  1. I'm getting a problem now thts wen I used to charge my phone its showing OVERHEATING AT USB..but wen I call xolo care...no responce from there side...wht 2 do...plzzz help me out..!! I'm an INDIAN user..!!
  2. its INDIA boss...!! No way to get solution..!!but can u tell me the authorized service center of xolo at NEW DELHI(INDIA)...!!
  3. every time only one answer-hold the line our CS busy with another call
  4. I hv tried all options...quick reboot , software update, root..but still having the problem...plzzz help me...!!
  5. Wen I charge my phone...it showing no network & wen I remove the charger it works fine..charging & everthing is okay...but at charging time..it shows no network..!!
  6. I'm getting problem with my charging ...wen I used to charge my phone...SIM does not shows up...its showing...network not found Plzzzzzz help me out...!!
  7. Guys I'm sticking with the same problem...even I lost my sound drive...plzzzzz help me out....plzzzz

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