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  1. The other ROM I tested was CyanogenMod 10.1, and that was drainning battery really fast - 12 hours until power off. This one is better: after 24h, it had 25% remaining, but still not perfect. Stock ROM lasted almost 2 days. I'll leave this ROM for a few days more, to see if battery improves. Side note: my wife just loves that 180 degrees bug :)
  2. Hi, my feedback on battery: running for about 16 hours with low use (wife's phone, but I confess I was missing the fun from playing with ROMs) and battery about 55%.
  3. Thanks gbosh. Will test battery life and if happy install suggested apps. I'll leave feedback tomorrow.
  4. Hi, just installed this ROM and waiting to check battery live - previous one installed drained in less than 10 hours. For now, 2 questions: - Does this ROM has swype (the option in settings for what I believe is swype is checked but nothing happens)? - Does it include APP2SD? If not, what can I use to enabled it (main reason for rooting)? OK, so it were really 3 questions :)

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