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  1. microscope

    Camera issue g300

    Thanks tried Cymera first but maybe my download wasn't pure, seemed to have a flashing bug, so went with LG. Still seems slightly buggish but will do for now, replies appreciated
  2. hi All. my camera has stopped working, just comes up 'app not installed' when clicking shortcut on homescreen. Is there an app anyone can recommend from google play etc that will enable me to take photos videos etc, or do i have to do something else to re-enable/ was working fine till today. i have real playr and gallery, but they don't seem to enable simple taking of photos Thanks for any replies!!
  3. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    Agree with everything you say and will stick with the current module while updating only my recovery at some point if i decide to start doing updates again. What I have nowis more than enough for me in truth.
  4. microscope

    Power button

    my power button is quite stiff. I realise it's too late for you Kajencik, sorry, however if there are any other readers having an increasing issue, try taking off your protector(if you use one obviously) when switching on/off to reduce the risk of failure, it's much 'lighter' to press that way. Agree with activating volume rocker (system settings/sound/scroll-down) and just letting it sleep/using notification to sleep.
  5. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    Everything now A1. Thanks! Don't know if it might be helpful for newbies like me for Liesse's step by step guide to be stickied? My home button was where I was going wrong in clockwork recovery. It seems a lot stiffer than in normal use, and on mine i need to press a little to the left of the symbol. So I wasn't getting from initial menu to choose from list to install, in the end pressing something else and going straight into reboot. File manager/CWM updater is still showing one update available. Is there a way to safely get rid of that. There were two updates the othr day when my problems started. i'd feel confident now going into recovery, but don't really want to go through the rigmarole again for the time being. For the money, i do love the phone, pretty amazing.
  6. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    Much to all your reliefs and with my warmest thanks to all of you, i THINK I've done it. At last! I will go to a wifi tomorrow and try a few things just to make sure. Great team at Modaco, i would never have worked my way through all that on my own! Thanks again.... The problem was that in recovery, clicking on install from SD card did not then bring up the menu to select the file, not even sure now what i did in the end to get it up in there, but everything seems to be ok now
  7. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    i get a list of files when i open file manager. When I tick the file I've downloaded, and then the options key on the bottom left, it comes up General Settings Search options Themes... So i click general settings and one of the things is 'advanced'; offers me 3 access modes, currently safe mode but I have the options to choose safe, prompt user or root access. "App is running wothout priveleges and only accessible file systems are the storage volumes (SD cards and USB)." i thought maybe if i choose root access it would give me access to the missing playstore etc??
  8. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    The file is offering three options for access, safe mode, prompt user mode and root access mode. Is it the root access?
  9. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    Super stuff Liesse! I didn't get the phone quite new, but the previous owner installed the Custom Cyanogen. CM Updater searches once a month (my choice) and came up with the two available updates the other day. in my naivete I selected install for one of them (on wifi) and it just did it all, the apps on the phone were all adapted and after a few minutes it was all there, though Playstore/Google wouldn't work hence this thread! Previous owner had inserted the previous version of the file i downloaded last night as suggested by george - so clearly it worked for previous owner to get from there to playstore working. I'm comfortable now to go through your excellent step by step guide it makes sense to me now (I think!!). I'll have a go later this evening or tomorrow. My only slight worry would be going in one move as it were from 'choose zip' to 'select file'. It didn't come up for me last night. mine doesn't use the hat symbol for anything, but the 'four lines' icon bottom left puts it in to next mode, below the screen. not sure how i have the option to go through those two steps without it rebooting inbetween. Sorry edited, playstore not playstation of course!
  10. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    Cheers Liesse thanks for help! i understand most (clockwork recovery is the list of options in yellow above the 'hat', in recovery, right or wrong?) But what is Flash, everyone uses it but it means nothing to me, how do I find file and flash it while in recovery? How does it know which file I'm talking to it about.. II know I'm sounding ridiculous! :)
  11. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    I spent about an hour and a half last night doing all the reboots etc (about 9 minutes each, as you'll know!!) and when i booted up for the final time.... Nothing new on phone!! Don't know if my computer hasn't synched the software or something, but it indicated that the download zip file had been sent to phone as per your suggestions... Had a very stiff drink at that point! Anyway thanks for your help, if you do think of anything else i can try let me know. At least I have getjar still so i can look for alternative apps EDIT: Have now found copy of Gapps ics 20120429 is on phone! It's in an app called File manager but when i click on it "There is no application registered to handle the type of file selected" comes up... Next?? :)
  12. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    Hi george, superb, i was doing great up till the end of point one. 'boot to recovery' at the start of point two, not sure what you mean, should i have closed down in a different way perhaps to just power off? (I'm not actually sure the GAPPS had copied and pasted onto the SD card though it appeared to on the computer screen nothing seemed to happen on the phone) and 'no downloads' was there when i clicked on SD card storage. in point two i'm lost as to when to put the SD card back in? Hopefully copy and paste, and home will be self explanatory when i get there! Sorry it's like you teaching a five year old, I'm useless! It might be tomorrow before i get back to you if you do reply to this, not ignoring you, gone half 12 here! meantime thanks!
  13. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    George and all who have replied, thanks, George thats what I downloaded to my computer. Any ideas how to get it from there to the phone? Dummy question i realise!
  14. microscope

    Newbie G300, few problems

    Thanks for reply, I managed to download something to my computer from google site for cyanogen for Android 4.1.2 but didn't offer link to send to phone after downloading 90mb or so worth of it. Tried red google reader said will be sent to phone, same result tonight, nothing! Trying not to throw the wretched thing!!! It was working fine on the previous Cyanogen until this latest update
  15. Posted this in wrong forum apparently, repeated here, help please if you can! hi Sorry if this is all old-hat, did search various posts, newbie android user. I've updated to the latest Cyanogen module. my playstore and google were not available after. i had to uninstall playstore, (can't reinstall for some reason) but now since then every time I try to download an app, it says compatible, will be sent to your phone shortly, (both via computer and wifi I've tried) but they never appear. is there anything I might have turned off (background data is not restricted) to stop them coming through? I also have a problem now as turning on email sync isn't working. Any suggestions? Lastly something is draining my credit by a few pence every day when i turn on the phone. What might it be? Apologies if these questions are irritating, but if anyone can help/offer suggestions, would be terrific. love the phone incidentally for anyone looking for something under £100, but these niggles are frustrating!

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