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  1. Download link? My mistake. http://getcm.thebronasium.com/get/cyanogenmod/320/cm-9-20131201-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip
  2. what that mean for 2.x or 4.x? which one to put on cm 4.0.4? and which ICS rom is the best?
  3. I see that too. For my old phone all roms was good with a lots of stuff and optimized but here that isnt that. My old phone was LG GT540 and i used http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1855050 and was awersome! Can somebody make really good and more opitized rom. I think that is possible...
  4. any changelog? :D is inthere v6 superchuger and how to install it?
  5. Camera timeout fix (flash this is you have camera problems) - download doesent work. i get failed on twrp. any fix for camera lag? --update and i cant overclock it?! :(
  6. "@blaeks: prodajem nokia asha 201 za 70€ (zaključan na telenor). uzet za dinar pre par nedelja i nije korišćen. info: 064 30 29 662."

  7. which cpu governer is best for preformans and battery? :) and can somebody make fix for fm radio?
  8. low battery notice. put to show it up on 5% of battery not 14%. and can you add smartassv2 governer? -- update and add reboot to recovery
  9. did out phone have real touch recovery? and how works flashable zip?
  10. nasao... i found it -- and how to get radio works
  11. i cant find something like that in my settings -> storage... nzm. nema toga :D
  12. how to get fm radio works? and why i cant mount sd card via usb cabel? :)
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