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  1. My friend had the same problem, factory reset it using using CWD fixed the problem.
  2. It was Chrome apparently, works on my phone and other browsers. Strange... EDIT: Thank you for the mirror, really apreciate it!
  3. Wanted to update my ROM, I'm on a rather old CM11 build, but I can't seem to be able to download the latest nightly. Can someone confirm the link is broken?
  4. The G300 not having enough internal memory to run ART and having to switch partitions.
  5. OMG, thank you rhen!!! Looks like the g300 is having a hard time booting lollipop, I hope the devs will be able to fix that. :)
  6. Thanks, I won't, I'm not that type of person. I just like to observe :)
  7. I hope everything goes smoothly enough and maybe we'll get the sweet taste of Lollipop on our G300 too. A man can wish ;) Thanks for keeping us up to date rhen!
  8. Wow, so you can actually switch storage devices like that, sound really complicated. Is that as hard as it sounds to me? :)
  9. Sorry for the triple post, don't know what went wrong. I tried to delete them but It doesn't seem to work on my phone.
  10. Does the Y300 have the same storage as the G300? Also, is the final version of ART in lollipop using as much storage as the one in KitKat or more? I tried ART on my G300 a while back, and while it does eat up the internal storage rather quickly, I was able to run it for a few weeks (I only used the basic Google apps + some other apps) I switched back to Dalvik due to some bugs. Anyway, I hope he'll consider porting it to G300 if the Y300 port goes well. :)
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