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  1. Also getting this problem using smtp.gmail.com (tried other smtp servers aswell) as you said removing and recreating account fixes it but obviously not an ideal solution, anyone got any better work around / reg fixes?
  2. I was already ready to get flashing until I saw: Can anyone confirm this is true/ if there is a fix? One of the essential things I need is the ability to use GMail over IMAP? If thats solved i can flash away! Thanks
  3. Slightly of Topic but hopefully someone can help. I am currently with Orange and want to take advantage of some of the 'Business Account' features, namely One Number and Business Everywhere, what i want to do is have the USB modem and my phone (Kaiser) on the same number so they share the data tariff. As these are both Business options has anyone had any experience of getting them on a personal account, or failing that (and more likely) i notice a lot of people on here have business accounts, what do i need to do to be able to get one, can I set up as a sole trader (whilst remaining in full time employment) or register a limited company so i can get / move to a business account. Any advice would be gratefully recieved Thanks
  4. So called back spoke to some one who had a clue, he said let me talk to data, got me the Orange World Daily, if you use any data in a day it costs £1.50 for unlimited data that day. Not ideal at ~45 quid so 20 more than TMob but i got a reasonable deal on the mins / text so the entire package is comparable to TMobile. Still highly unamused and will be writing to the complaints department (not that i expect them to do anything but it will be cathartic)
  5. Ok folks i am fuming!!! I called retentions a while ago threating to leave for TMobile as they had better data plans. I was offered Racoon 35 reduced to 25 a month on a 12 month tariff, on top of this an extra 400 mins and 100 text plus 200 landline minutes. I said thats all well and good but what about the data, well let me see they say.. we can do 8quid a month unlimited data, 'unlimited?' i said are you sure? yes they said. Fine i went away to think about it called back and spoke to someone else and got them to confirm the unlimited by reading through the T&Cs again confirmed it was unlimited. Having taken the names of both reps I went for the deal. Got the phone (free) and it is a great phone i have to say! Called to day just to confirm the plan, only to be told no its 30mb a month! I was annoyed so said thats not what I was told, was then transfered to someone who was very abrubt and said well if you dont want it you are within your 7 days so just send us the phone back. Obviously very unhappy with this and the level of C/S i was given, I plan to call back and ask how i make a complaint but no doubt nothing will be done so will be going to TMobile after all, shame as the orange phone looks a lot nicer. So a word of warning, check, check and check again. Anybody have any comments besides 'HaHa' ;)
  6. Fair point well made, just wondered if there was a 'safer' option! Might just push on for the moment and then once i have it nearly there will no doubt still be unhappy and reflash thus erasing all my work ;)
  7. Anyone (Paul ;) ) Know the best / simplest way to debrand the Orange HTC TYTN II My plan so far has been : Remove orange home screen Install HTC Homescreen Install HTC Dialpad But a lot of the icons for programs, and the battery indicator on the title bar are 'Orange' Any ideas on a quick way to remove them / set my phone up with orange data settings etc but with standard HTC icons / apps. Thanks
  8. More reference data, I called retentions spoke to someone called Ronta, cant say she was particularly knowledgable but this is what she could offer: 900 Mins, 200 Text, Unlimited Landline Calls, Free TYTN II, For £25 a month on an 18 Month Contract Unlimted Data @ £8 a month extra - asked if it was unlimited monthly and daily (i.e. not 30mb a day) she said it was (not convinced myself) Said I wanted 12 month contract - opening gambit was 700mins, 500text, Free TYTN II, For £25 a month on a 12 month contract Unlimted Data @ £8 a month extra Said I needed less text more minutes So she said she could do 200 Landline Minutes, 800 Anytime Anynet Minutes, 300 Text, Free TytnII for £25 on a 12 month contract I have insurance anyway she said it would continue to be 5 a month (i.e. didnt throw it in free) It doesnt seem too bad, then again i currently spend 130-200 a month with them so i should hope not. Got her to record it on my account so i could call back to get it if i wanted to go ahead, also means i can get another name to confirm the unlimited data for 8 quid (will ask about the FUP and using for modem - hopefully they will put me through to some one who has a clue)
  9. Is the 8quid data the stupid 30mb a day limited one or is it FUP to 1gb a month? Thanks
  10. This sounds ideal for what I want! Couple of things, is the Data in point 5 unlimited per day not that stupid 30mb a day thing? also do you know what the bands are, i spend between 130 and 200 a month with them so presume i could discuss a fairly reasonable deal. Any other tips before i talk to retentions? Thanks
  11. Very tempted to join you Zerodivider, how has your experience of TMob CS been? As i said the main reason I am tempted to stick with Orange is the insurance. Just did a comparison of the calls/text packages and TMobile seem to win on that as well. Might give retentions a call and see what they say.
  12. This doesnt bode well, i was holding off on going to TMobile in the hope that the new Orange Data Tariffs would be reasonable and the phone would reasonably priced, as a comparison this is what i have heard so far (although the Orange bits are rumour i admit) For a 12 Month Contract with 3gb FUP data (why dont they just call it a limit!) with Kaiser / TytnII TMobile : Data = 12.50, Phone 150, Available now Orange : Data = 25, Phone 200-300, Availabe in the magazine but no one at Orange has a clue it exists. Only reason I was staying was Orange was their insurance is v.good and I dont have to mess around with PAC etc, but every day I get closer to leaving!
  13. To add into the rumors / info I went to the orange shop / booth in Canary Wharf today and asked when they would have the TytnII in stock. Guy reckoned a couple of weeks. - Not much new there. Then I asked have you still got those rubbish data plans or is there anything better (pretending I didnt know) to my suprise he said wait till November the 1st we are releasing new ones, I said are they any good though cos I was going to go to TMobile, he said he didnt know the details yet but they have been told they are very competitive. Now i dont know whether to wait another month or to just go to TMobile and get the handset i have been waiting for, for so long!
  14. Thanks for the advice, will give O a call and see what they offer if not TMobile her i come
  15. Does anyone know if this OWU Plan is offered to keep customers? I spend ~150 a month with them and if i cant get a decent data deal will prob go to Tmobile.
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