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  1. ricardo the fish

    No data (USB) connection

    After a very long process of elimination it turns out the USB socket must have been damaged - HTC have repaired the phone (well - put in a complete new board), so the issue was deffo hardware related. Now all back to shiney goodness and endless 'what then hell phone is that?' questions (whislt I wait for my current contract to expire - then I think I'll be moving on to an Android device)
  2. ricardo the fish

    No data (USB) connection

    Since last Saturday my TP2 has been eatin battery like it is going out of fashion (from full to completely drained - so much so the clock needs to be reset after being turned back on - in about 8 hrs). my usage has not increased or changed at all. Anyway - time for a full reset (or to actually, finally, get my arse in gear and upgrade to WM6.5!) however when I plug a USB cable in it does not recognise that it has been inserted - it starts charging right away, it no longer comes up with the option box asking me if I want to sync or use device as USB drive. I have tried several cables, different USB ports on two separate PCs to make sure there is no issue with the cable or my PC. Would like to think that a hard re-set would solve the issue, but I would need to sync before I did a hard reset (plus, if hard rest does not work it will be a pain in the rear end to manually put in all my contacts AND I won't be able to install loads of software (sorry 'apps' as I keep being told I should call them). so, before I go and do a hard re-set that may not make any difference I was wondering if anyone had come across soothing similar or if people think it is a hardware issue and no amount of re-setting will work?
  3. ricardo the fish

    MoDaCo - now with more members than Luxembourg!

    seconded, I don't post often, but read through about once a week these days (a lot more in the past)- don't know if I would have continued as a WM user if it were not for the chap the Orange Shop where I got my Mpx200 telling me about this place. R
  4. ricardo the fish

    MoDaCo Fantasy Football

    And another one. Although going by FF last year - I kind of forgot about it all by November so ended up with next to nowt!
  5. ricardo the fish

    Sudden Battery Drain Overnight

    I've been experiencing this as well. It is really annoying as my phone can last several days, then after I charge it, it will shut down overnight due to low power! I would be interested to know if this really is a WM6.1 issue, if it is, I may see if T-mob can re-install WM6.0 on it. Derky, have you come across an issue with the phone recognising phone numbers as well? Since I sent my Touch Plus off to T and they stuck WM6.1 on it, the phone struggles to recognise contacts if they are in the international format (i.e. +447712345678), but then does not regonise text messages if the number stored is NOT in the international format! Guys at my local T store had no idea even what WM6.1 was so were not much use.
  6. ricardo the fish

    help! my touch dual has turned itself into a brick

    Well after a few weeks back at T-mobile, my Dual is back with me. I don't think T-mob knew what was wrong, as they have replaced the main board. At least they stuck WM6.1 on it.
  7. I had to soft reset my touch plus yesterday after it refused to hang up after a call. Unfortunately after the T-mob splash screen comes up, it goes and resets itself again! (and continues to do so), it does not get to the WinMo 6 splash screen at all. I have done a full hard reset and the same thing still happens. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. rgds R
  8. ricardo the fish

    Bundle.One - 10+ TOP WinMo apps for $49.99... are you in?

    Count me in as a 'definately if at least two or three apps appeal to me' person, well okay maybe three or four. ;)
  9. ricardo the fish

    The tyranny of oppressive international charges

    The cost of MMS coming out of your allowance may have something to do with the EU capping the cost of MMS messages. I believe (mostly because T-mobile Netherlanders told me via a free txt message on a recent trip to Amsterdam) that the MMS is capped at 40p per message. I forget how much SMS was but, of course, data was somewhere in the region of a very painful kick to the groin.
  10. ricardo the fish

    Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    Hi Dave, Deffo T mob UK. Have a look at the file name of .exe downloaded from HTC RUU_Hermes_TMO_UK_3.60.110.4_6275_1.50.00.00_108_Ship.exe Note the 'UK' bit. Also in the first post VeryRisky states that all he did to find it was change pert of the URL from NL to UK still not sure how 'Official' this is as I don't think there is yet a link from the T-mob website. Seems to work well though - occasionally doesn't like TCPMP for some strange reason :( Ricardo
  11. ricardo the fish

    Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    Got it all installed, The T-mo branding is pretty ugly, thank god I had a copy of an all black theme. not too sure if I like the 'quick tray' icons at the bottom of the screen though - we'll see after a few days use. I'll probably get the Today screen looking like the Iphone anyway, just as I had when I was running WM5 (that one really confused people) I have to say - well done T-mob UK for getting this released - really didn't think they would. right off to set my WiFi, email, ringtones etc..
  12. ricardo the fish

    Ad blocking

    I really don't see how people are getting this upset about this ad blocking thread. Modaco has certainly improved my WinMo experience greatly - not too sure i would have stuck with WinMo if the chap at the Orange shop I got my Mpx200 from didn't tell me about this place. I have since referred a few people to these pages for advice. Okay -I'm a plus member so don't get any ads - the problem I have is I do use an ad blocker, therefore I get the bar at the top of my screen - i'd love to bypass the ad blocker for this site - but my knowledge of html is piss poor - I need to know the html string to use to allow ads to be shown for modaco (I feel it would be something with .../ad/... or .../ads/... in it) p.s. I'm using Norton internet Security Ricardo
  13. Hi all, Don't know if this means we are now close, but on the drop down menu in the T-mob downloads web page, the VIII is one of the options - although there is nothing associated with it. I've attached the screen shot I do remember something like this for the Vario II, and I think it was quite a while before the phone actually made it to the site
  14. ricardo the fish

    MoDaCo Fantasy Football

    I got Richards too, he's had an outstanding start to the season. Now lets see how he does in an England shirt
  15. ricardo the fish

    MoDaCo Fantasy Football

    I do hope your right Stu. I reckon I made some of the stupidest picks to start the season off with - especially for keeper, starting off with Boltons Jasskalinen then switching to Lehman :)

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