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  1. Got it, many thanks. Hopefully I will never need it, CM10 is working well, but you never know..... :)
  2. Thanks, watcing it for your re-upoad. Just tried the original link and all sorts of warnings came up and it tried to download an exe file :D
  3. Actually CM10 is working fine for me, I just wanted to have the recovery file available just in case.
  4. The link on Page 7 of the guide (http://huaweig300.com/downloads/recovery-flash-b952) is giving a 404. File deleted ?
  5. Great guide, now running Jelly Bean. I don't actually need it yet but the link on Page 7 to the recovery file (http://huaweig300.com/downloads/recovery-flash-b952) is coming up with 404. File disppeared or incorrect URL ?

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