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  1. can't you give a port to my device Karbonn A7, please? i'll test on my device and give you logcat!
  2. creat as primary? did you try full wipe ,system wipe too?
  3. i forgot that you can't make partition on internal memory! you should make it on sd card! don't worry about "system"! just make 190mb ext2 partition!
  4. that soft detect your internal memory too! just copy all yours file to computer and do like what they do with sd card
  5. don't understand what you ask! if you mean equalizer! i will say yes! this rom released before [ROM][GB]MIUIv2 2.4.20 (05.06.2013), so you can't ask :" whats the difference from [ROM][GB]MIUIv2 2.4.20 (05.06.2013)?"
  6. for get themes, you go to themes->online themes->download the theme which you like then get back to local theme and apply it! :P
  7. it happen when wifi password is wrong! try type in password slowly and carefully!
  8. Hello world! This is a port rom with miui V5 look base on lated cm7.2(2.3.7) What works: Full MIUI themes, etc ... RIL audio dsp Manager sensors camera WiFi Bluetooth browser GPS FM radio deep sleep Multilanguage : D inter alia What does not work / Bugs: - RadioFM is always on max vol - light sensor doesn't work. - tell me. Screenshots Download: http://www.mediafire...iui_final(2.3.7).zip -How to install: request 190mb system partition - Move to sd card - Enter recovery - Full wipe (factory, cache, dalvik) - install zip from sdcard - choose the rom and install - restart the phone. p/s: if the setting lag! turn off 16-bit in performance, it will better
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