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  1. I really need an instruction in English :(
  2. I have flash V10K Open EU and...this bug is not fixed :( I think you should mod Framework-res.apk from Gellmar's step4 v1.3B.zip
  3. Yayakuya, I think this bug is because of SDmerge. I am using CM9 with SDmerge V1.3b. In step4 V1.3b.zip there is a Framework-res.apk.
  4. Oppz...I am using V10P TMobile baseband. I will try V10K EU and tell you if I have any bug :D thanks
  5. If you have flash Stock Kernel which supports Swap, please use Ram Expander to improve your Ram free space. You also can use Seeder 2.0 to reduce lag. Make sure you don't have too many process running in background too.
  6. I'm sorry, Gellmar. but I'm only a nob of developer and I need to be taught more :( Please give me an instruction and I will do it myself.
  7. Language error: The line "Scanning SD card for error" in status bar when the phone starts has been showed as "Input method". I think this may not work correctly with CM9 using SDmerge
  8. Still language error with CM9 using SDmerge. The small circle in statusbar (below the name of network carrier) is not in center. Everything works correctly :)
  9. no. it stuck in bootanimation. :( because this rom is based not only on CM9 but also on AOKP so step4 can not work
  10. It will be perfect if your AOKP M6 work with gellmar's SDmerge... :(
  11. Does this rom work with Gellmar's SD Merge???
  12. Gellmar, Step4 V1.3B does not fix the charging bug for me :( It still goes straight to android, no charging Battery image. I will try V1.3 now.
  13. No thing can be done except Emergency mode, gellmar. I used Medusa box to load firmware and now it works :)
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