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  1. Cheers dude. That worked. Only thing is that you don't need to reflash. Just edit the file on the phone and reboot.
  2. I like this ROM. Nice looking and runs smoothly on G300. I do have one problem though. The ROM uses the same Wifi mac address on each device it is installed on. And because I have got it installed on 2 phones that means I can't connect to the same wifi with the 2 phones at once. Is there a way of changing the the hardcoded mac address? Cheers
  3. Trying to install the B886 ROM hangs for me. The pink line gets stuck 1/3rd of the way.
  4. Thanks dudes. I now have my favourite tourch app on my phone.
  5. This ROM is solid. Here is a possibly a stupid question. Is there a way to install the torch app from CM on this ROM?
  6. Does anyone know why the camera wouldn't work without an external sd card? Fantastic ROM btw. Thanks

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