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    Nexus 4 & WiFi Xoom
  1. Paul. Could me me but it seems that lilHermit's app still can't be deselected. Am preferring Light Flow these days. Regards
  2. Thanks Paul. If only we were in Canada to rock AWS LTE. Nice to bake for N4 though :)
  3. my note is awesome. finally...a real pda/phone. android no less. those old days on windows mobile pdas seem like a bad dream. i use spen to snote in meetings. with a brodit car mount i can actually see and use apps in car. the sammy all in one battery cover with leather(ish) flip cover makes this business tool seem like an old school daytimer/dayplanner. remember those? for me as i walk the executive hallways tied to exchange it is great. size matters :P
  4. our dev's op changed so the list of works/broken is gone. do you recall if nfc is enabled on our rom? i will revert to noteworthy or maybe try unofficial cm9. i wish we had modaco kitchen for note ;)
  5. same here on att note...rooted onlyone 4.0.4 ics
  6. i really am liking mine. hope you think enough of it to code us a kitchen (att too).
  7. Kitchen option request: transparent background Genie Widget (aka android news and weather apk). Anyone have a dl of the ICS version transparent?
  8. What a disgrace to have treated a prolific, unselfish, entrepreneur Android pioneer with such disrespect. Bad XDA!
  9. UGKL1 is what I like and I have run through most. Ir9 getting great battery life and I am getting good GSM connectivity plus I set the "pta" APN and see up to 9Mbps down from certain towers.
  10. lpasq

    HTC Flyer 4.0 ?

    i'm one who believes that for those appreciating it's form factor and well interfaced scribe functionality when on honeycomb the flyer is a great machine that will remain relevant for some time. the development on xda is driven by a core of hardcore users and at least one dev (globatron) is truly committed to his user-group followers by pushing the development envelope. the lack of dual core is not an issue for most use-type scenarios. my flyer running a lightly modded stock htc honeycomb rom is faster booting and multitasking basic content type apps than my oc'd xoom and pretty comparable to my galaxy nexus running Ir8. opinion
  11. I'm curious...what method did you use to initially load Wallet and get it working? I flashed the zip package from within recovery soon after the Ir3 flash pre initial boot. Have since no-wipe (other than d cache only) flashed Ir4 and Ir5 each time with same Wallet zip afterwards pre-boot and run Wallet error free for weeks. In light of others who report on XDA they have Secure Elements issues I respect your thoughts and comments on this development. Respectfully, MoDaCo Kitchen User
  12. Nice. Any suggested method for those who flash zip after IrX? I have been doing so since Ir3. Was thinking to wait for Paul to add the apk to kitchen and then do full wipe flash.
  13. MoDaCo is international and former colonies need love from the Empire too :rolleyes: :P :D
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