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  1. I have tried Simcard from the same operator,but No SIMCARD alert I never install any Security App,I tried to flash Bin rom,but this problem cant be [email protected]@ sorry for my bad English
  2. My liquid only detect My Sim,and she cannot any detect any other Sim card.I dont know why this problem happend and i dont know how to fix it,please help
  3. thank guy,I have booted to CWM Recovery (volum down+camera+power) and entered to mount usb,My computer can detect Liquid,and i flashed a bin rom via ADL And now My Liquid is work corectly
  4. Today, I have flashed this kernel(http://www.modaco.co...res-working-xd/) via CWM,after that My liquid can not boot to either OS or Recovery,so what i should do now.this is a serious problem with me i'm using CM7 Remix - V3b
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