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  1. Hi. I will get my i9250 soon, could you tell me which would be the "best" Custom ROM for me? Things I need in the kernel: 2-way-call recording VPN capability, I was using VPNC Widget because of Cisco VPN at my University. ROM needs: fast and snappy no force closes no OC good Battery useage I am coming from ZTE Blade and Dell Streak 5. Both had Android 2.3 on them, both had Custom ROMs, but these were modded stock ROMs. I made the experience that modded stock roms are working better than CM Roms. CM7 in that case. Can you tell me if this is still true for the Nexus? Would a modded stock rom fit my needs and still be better than a CM? I had to use VPNC Widget, because I could not connect to my Universitys Wireless Lan. Could you tell me if Android 4 is capable of connecting to a Cisco VPN without using VPNC Widget? Thanks in Advance

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