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  1. All fixed. Don't know how I could be so stupid - definately SSS (siver surfer syndrome). I was trying to install goomanager, as suggested by MadNinja, when I noticed that the gapps zip had appeared in cwm. On investigation I discovered that I could scroll down past the upgrade zip to the gapps. I had previously assumed that, as the page wasn't full, that there was no need scroll down. As you willhave gathered I am no expert but as far as I can see this update is working well.Thanks
  2. Firstly thanks to tital cisco and all others for the work they have put in. I have been lurking on his site and upgraded my phone a couple of times. However after upgrading to the latest 10.1 version I cannot install gapps. I have downloaded cisco's latest stripped version to my sd card and although I can see the zip file on file manager when i try to install through cwm recovery (vers 4.0,1.5) it doesn't appear on the list to be selected. I should also say that their are two other gapps zip files on the sd card that do not appear on the selection list either. Could this be because the cwm recovery file has been superceeded and if so how does one update it. The phone seems to work fine otherwise but as you can understand not having gapps is a show stopper. Thanks in advance for any assisstance.
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