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    Portable chargers?

    Hi, I've been wanting a charger for when I can't get to a plug and carry it around, mainly for long car journeys, but when I tried a Pebble Smartstick it would refuse to charge. Although it didn't work on a couple of devices I put it down to a problem with that, but now I've bought a Designer Habitat battery bank and it also doesn't seem to work. This charger is working on a nokia lumina and even my ipad but refuses to charge my phone. There's two USB ports on the charger, neither of them charging the battery. Is there a setting to change or app I can use? I know the USB cables are fine because I was using it with my pc yesterday. Update: Says its charging in the settings, but not on the status bar so it is doing something. So it's the same as another thread now, I suppose.

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