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  1. Thanks for the explanation, so we save some space on data by sacrificing space on system
  2. Are there any differences between this flashable Google services and the automatic update when installing the rom? The same question goes to Google search, any advantages by flashing the addon modules?
  3. If you use Google Now try Google launcher, fast and fluid
  4. Enable ART, memory tweaks and 16bits transparency. Now my battery lasts 2 days (regular use, no gaming) Give it a try ;)
  5. I'm using nightly 2014-05-10, and I can assure you its the most stable and snappy KK rom I had in my phone. Don't know if recent nightlies are so good as this one, but why change what is working perfectly? Try wipe EVERYTHING and install it again
  6. That experience is one month old, haven't tried with updated versions. I need my phone 24/7 now so I can't try that at the moment but if someone has time and patience try this: 1. Flash latest nightly (I guess is working ok, have 26 on mine) 2. Flash remove modules to get some space 3. Flash offline speech module 4. Install Google search from play store 5. Give your feedback ;)
  7. No problems here. Installing apps from store is working like usual. No crashes whatsoever
  8. I have less lag than ICS, nightly 19/04 working perfectly with ART and KSM (kernel samepage merging). Very fluid, I'm really impressed with kk performance on this old phone
  9. If you have FC after CMupdate try to clear data and cache of that app, worked pretty well for me. Are ART and KSM working on last nightly?
  10. I was using ART on 28-03-2014 nightly but after upgrading to 04-04-2014 can't start the phone cause all processes were FC. To solve this I had to do a full wipe since ART selection was on data so I needed to reconfigure all over again :( (rhen's approach on gapps topic didn't work in this case) I noticed a slightly increase in performance with ART but it's not working at the moment
  11. Actually offline speech files is useless since you can only search when connected to the internet. When ok Google wasn't working I could call to my contacts with off speech recognition but not anymore, it just searches over the internet
  12. "Ok Google" is working after last Google search update on play store
  13. IceTapanho

    A nice rom for Our g300

    Sorry for the invasion but I think you're trying to influence everyone to use GB just because it has the best performance in games. The rom I found more stable was Slimbean 4.2.2 but I'm using CM11 at the moment. I'm thinking of downgrade to the latest Rom with kernel 3.0.8 because 3.4 has some limitations to squeeze everything this smartphone has to offer. If I'm not mistaken, CM10.2 (nightly 2013/10/19) is the latest ROM with this kernel. I'll do a clean installation of tomorrow's CM11 nightly to give it a last chance cause it has great functionality and potential and if I'm not satisfied I'll downgrade to that 10.2 until CM11 become weekly or monthly builds. PS: I don't game at all in this phone because it has low specs and it has a great impact on battery. Just use it for the pure and main purpose of a smartphone, help in my daily life (Calls, SMS, GPS, Emails, Finances, Shopping,...)
  14. Thanks man, I really appreciate what you've been doing for G300 community, you and Daz

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