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  1. CPCookieMan

    Facebook Home download (including patched APK version)

    Yeah, it's not that great honestly. Especially if you hate pixelation. Any picture that is displayed from your feed is re-sized to fit, so they all end up looking terrible. That, combined with the fact that you will probably end up looking creepy when a random girl changes her profile picture and shows up on your lockscreen. I'm not trying to dissuade people from trying it for themselves, but no need to hold your breath over this.
  2. CPCookieMan

    Facebook Home download (including patched APK version)

    I'm also going to decompile it and take a look. It shouldn't be that hard, just instead of the code doing the method that returns the real info, you put in a new method that returns fake info. Then again, I may be completely in over my head. We'll see... EDIT: PaulOBrien got it, cool beans.

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