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  1. I remember, Last time when I flashed this ROM, my MAC address was changed. Is it fixed now? Will I have my origional MAC address (wiFi) after flashing this ROM? Pls Reply. :(
  2. Did the changed wifi after flashing is fixed? Or not?:(
  3. But Dazz recommend CWM to avoid any bug. :/ Is the ROM Stable with TWRP? And.. Can you please post the link to download TWRP ZIP?:) Thanks.. :)
  4. Do I've to flash ZIP of CWM Recovery or need to do anything with tha .IMAGE file too? ANd... Can I revert back to TWRP after?
  5. Hello! I'm currently using FusionX (Stock Based) with TWRP Recovery. Can anyone please post a guide to flash this ROM? :P As I'm unable to flash it with TWRP. :P
  6. Did this built solve the Changed MAC Address issue?? :(
  7. I'm not complaining bro! I recognize his efforts and really appreciate his work. Infact I'm ready to donate too if I find a way other than Paypal as it's active in Pakistan.
  8. Yup! True.. Infact I'm on Lunatic (Stock Based) ROM right now. But I'm in love with sound and display quality of CM, Wish to have this ROM without this MAC Prob. And secondly, It's not mine issue only, Suppose you have 2 phone have this ROM then they will have the same MAC Address and you'll never be able to connect both phone with same WiFi router. :/
  9. Thank you for your help. It may be driver issue but I don't know why it occurs with cynogenmod only? I've flashed various stock based ROM and they never messed up with my MAC. :( Why? :(
  10. No such app work for this phone. Kra1o5 Please help bro! IT Department is pissed off by my request to change my MAC again and again in their data! Please help!
  11. @Kra1o5.. Bro can you please give a solution of change MAC address after flashing this ROM? I read some material at XDA but I didn't understand anything, please have a review at this link. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2121151 I'm at university hostel and Wifi uses MAC Filtering. Everytime When I test your ROM, I've to request IT department to change MAC Add. of my account. :( Please fix this issue.
  12. Thank you so much! :) You may have to port it in a way that it should b capable of downloading and applying new themes. Because a fellow at HTC Mania released a ROM having emotion UI 1.6 but it was unable to apply new downloaded themes. I hope you'll do the best to make this ROM best for everyone. Some suggestions from my side that may help you are 1: Add Bravia Engine and Xloud or any other MOD to refine the graphics and sound. 2: Add "Live wallpaper" support as your current version is not supporting any live wallpaper as for as I know. I have many other ideas but I guess those are mine requirements only so let them skip for the time being. :D Thank You! Keep the good work up! :)
  13. Hello, I'm currently having Lunatic in my Y300. Want to install this ROM! But a silly question before installing... :P Can I replace the Launcher with Emotion UI V1.6?? It's awesome cause it have a plenty of themes who can change the whole look of your phone including lock screen, status bar, icons..everything.. :P I'm in love with!
  14. Anyone can help me to recover back my original MAC address of wifi? :'( This ROM messed up with wifi MAC and I'm unable to connect wifi. Please Help!! P.S. I didn't have a TWRP backup of my stock ROM! :'(
  15. Can I use any MAC Spoofer to do the job? Please recommend if any. :(
  16. I've flashed the rom on my Y300 successfully. After flashing the ROM, my wifi's MAC Address has changed :( I'm now unable to connect my Wifi, as I must have to register my MAC with this connection. Any solution to get back my original MAC? :( Please! I flashed Build R4.
  17. I'm having Error during flashing of B04. It says "Unable to open Zip File" :( Do I have to backup my stock Huawei ROM in order to Flash this B04? I'm currently having B03 in my device and tried to flash B04 but it's continuously giving the same error even after Clearing Cache :/
  18. Did anyone here messed up with CM theme to make it able to run on Xtheme Engine? :P I need some guidance :P
  19. Installed and tested the ROM! The bugs I've noticed are 1: Status bar doesn't came down sometime when I drag it down. I've to Softboot my device in order to have working status bar. 2: Headphone icon is not shown when I attached the headphone. Suggestions: -Is there any method to have more internal memory? because it's 4 GB but user accessible is only 1.2 GB :( -CM Themes doesn't apply the skin on status bar toggles? Is there any method to modify it? Thank You! :)
  20. How can I paste that apk there? I was using ROOT FILE MANAGER to cut and paste that apk in/system/app but It doesn't show anything in app folder. :( And what about that Backup and Restore question bro? I know it may be irritating for you people but I didn't know about the things so need your help. :(
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