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  1. Droid2drummer

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    HTC one..US..hope!!
  2. Droid2drummer

    Can´t use Online Kitchens

    So. Thanks indeed. Have you used this kitchen much? Just download to you computer and go? I hope to have one pushed out here today. Wanted to implement the theme chooser with it.
  3. This indeed has been noticed on many devices. I believe it android in general. My D2 ( moto droid) s3 RAZR and rezound up to the nexus4 current and each device in between I've noticed ..especially since this has been known for some time I've used both battery and numbers. Even then, still not completely accurate. At first with og droid days and eris I never really paid attention. But used to blame myself in thought of not doing battery stats wipes. Thus feeling a stat wipe wasn't doing anything in addition to the reset. Lol thanks for this post. I'm not alone. Lol peace
  4. Droid2drummer

    Can´t use Online Kitchens

    Uh oh. I just joined. Was really looking forward to this. My main reason for paying the subscription:) Hope its all good. I'm crashing for bed. Up late but hope to check it out later after a long nap. I really wanted to bake my first nexus 4 mako build. Lol peace and nice to meet you:)
  5. Droid2drummer

    introduction post

    Hi so I found another new member. I'm Rob..the droid2drummer. From about every other device forum..I've been on many but until now most only on Verizon. Since droid 1!! Lol Hope to help as well as learn. Nice to meet you bro. Peace
  6. Droid2drummer

    introduction post

    OK. Just joined with one year paid subscription to support what I feel is perfect as I just got my nexus 4 a month ago. I'm dying to use the kitchen. If I get this correctly I can use his kitchen and or his base to build my own ROM is this correct? I hope so. This is what I gathered. I flashed the mrom and love it. So I hope this is where I say hi. I'm Droid2drummer. Been mildly developing mods Roms with team in s3 Verizon forums. But had to finally leave Verizon after 12+ years. I know that number changes every time I post it. Just over 10!! Anyway I am happy to choose the nexus. I've been involved in aosp for at least 4 years but I Dont claim to have all the answers but clearly trying to learn more as I go! I'm a 40 year old single parent ..two teens one son 19 one daughter 14 have been raising them alone for 8+ years (again many years!;)) anyway I hope to be a help to many and a friend to all. If I can help I'm there. So thanks for having me and big shout out to the man Paul !! I surely can't wait to check out your kitchen. I have been wanting to use something that will save time and since I just bought new laptop I wanted to load it with lightweight software. Hope all is well. Thanks!!! Please feel free to point me in the right direction for the kitchen and if anyone else is using it I would LOVE to here about tips and what not on getting started even though it looks much easier than the whole environmental android setup SDK and adb. Lol thank all and peace!!!

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