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  1. red.srb

    [ROM][4.4.] MIUI v5 (Android 4.1.2)

    I think there is no way to add diffrent languge.
  2. red.srb

    [DEV][ROM][1.11.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

    I have this rom everything works perfect,its only that headset is to low anyone got the same prob ?
  3. red.srb

    ZTE Blade III Weather and Clock Widget

    Looks nice , good work mate :)
  4. red.srb

    Sim card removed

    I will try other sim card,dunno if slot has errors ;)
  5. red.srb

    Sim card removed

    When my phone is in pocket i got disconected from network and i got a message no sim card, and only way to fix it is to reboot, i am using stock rom.Can u help me ?
  6. red.srb

    stock rom

    I managed somehow :)
  7. red.srb

    stock rom

    Ok,thanks,how can i restore original rom to my zte blade3 ? Pozdrav,Srbine :)
  8. red.srb

    stock rom

    I got this tutorial http://www.scribd.com/doc/166920316/Instruction-of-ZTE-Smart-Phone-SD-Card-Upgrade-Guide and i cant find System update on CM 10.1 ? Help
  9. red.srb

    ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    On picture in tutorial i need to go to system update where can i find that in CM 10.1 ?
  10. Nice work mate :) Zemunac brat xD ;)
  11. My LED only flashes in red color , but not in green like on stock rom.Is that a problem with this ROM or i installed ROM wrong ? Konsta can you add in reboot menu option to reboot in recovery ?
  12. red.srb

    Sim card removed ~ error

  13. red.srb

    Sim card removed ~ error

    I have error on almost all custom roms.When i use my phone i sometimes get error, SIM CARD REMOVED please restart.
  14. Will try,worth playing around :)
  15. Will you make something like updates,i hate when i have to setup contacts,apps... and everything else again and again... ?

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