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  1. actuly u can solve blurred screen problem without flashing any fix blurred screen.zip... on cm9 go to settings > performance > surface diethering > activate it... :D well it can solve ur problem but add some sprincles (small dots) in menu windows and littel window that pops up.. I m waiting for that day when sone one create 1ghz.zip for stock rom without wifi issue.... :/
  2. can anyone add the pics of blurred screen of lg l3 after flashing cm9.. :/
  3. wifi n wifi hotspot not working after flashing dis stock kernel.. v10j :(
  4. I flash this kernal.. its not 1.2 ghz its just 800 cpu kernal allowing smartass v2 governar and swap support and now device works smooth... wifi n wifi hotspot turns on/off without any issue or didn't hang like stock based kernal does.. thank you.. :D
  5. I have wifi error after flashing this zip > (Signed_e400stock-kernel-upda​te.zip) on my lg l3.... help me plz (2.3.6 V10j)
  6. wifi hotspot works in it or not.. n this is for stock rom that means it changes the ui not the version..
  7. there is an kernal or something to make 1gh on stock rom lg l3.. but after flashing that kernal I can't access my wifi.. if anyone have solution plz reveal it..
  8. can this work with annobox 1.1 or Optimus ui 3.0 rom.. I have 4 roms.. cm9/miui/annobox n optimus ui.. I try every rom.. In stock rom sometimes while playing temple run 2 the game closes n bring me back to the home.. n in the other roms after half a day using the phone when I run temple run 2 the device reboots even it overclocked to 1gh I overclocked it to 1gh.. zram > 18%(default) enable purging of bitmap assets or something to gain more ram when it needed.... I know this is not a big problem coz after reboot the game runs smoothly.. but m just want to know that why it happens..
  9. Pralayy


    Can any one have the solution to enable wifi hot spot in cm9
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