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  1. hello iam defy mini user so.. i cant find defy mini posts here is there someone defy mini user? Thanks
  2. Hello guys. Iam new here iam user of ZTE Racer II and i rly like that phone :P and also i love this forum. So.. My question is..? Does anybody from here use Racer II? (if yes, reply me in comment) andd. Is there some sw update for it? how to update? or how to root, put new rom etc..? i dont know too much about this things, i just read something on this forum but.. :D Edit: Wehh i forgot something to say about phone.. its awesome, i like design, touch, how it works etc.. but i dont like GPU, this phone have low GPU soo some apps are laggin' what should i do about this? and if this one cant be better can someone suggest me what apps/games shoud i use? Thanks! <3
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