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  1. estirp3

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    this post without screnshots no rules xD free ram??, v7 of sevi83 has 230mg aprox on 1st boot, 0 installed apps
  2. streaming HD videos are slowed down, jumping... I'm on v0.3, it's better v1.1 someone with the same problem?
  3. spanish language someday on baidu roms? :( brunoblack not 100% translated
  4. This Miui on GB in Spanish or multilanguage some day? :(
  5. for camera i use "cymera" fasted save image than others
  6. It reproduce slow my old videos recorded by Samsung Wave and Streaming hd Videos (720p) I Use MXPlayer to do it but in R2 the videos were correctly
  7. Hi, I updated to R3 and now I haven't got FPS on HD Videos. It's normal or I can solve that?

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